Adopting an animal is a wonderful thing!

2390725503_aa7bec6cb3-150x150Besides, what is a degu? I see a lot of questions about degu adoptions on the forums and answer websites.

You can adopt degus from a private residence or a local shelter. Many times they will charge a small “re-homing” fee but it’s often much less than purchasing an animal in a pet store – and with degus, sometimes it’s easier!

Where to Find Degus Online

A great place to start is

Also you should check Craig’s List and any of your other favorite directory websites to find degus that need to be adopted into new homes.

Remember: Safety First! – Whenever you are meeting up with someone from a directory site online you should

1. Tell people where you are going if you are headed to a shelter or private residence to pick up an animal.

2. Bring another person with you for safety’s sake. Even to an animal shelter and definitely to a private residence. Degu owners are wonderful folk but never throw caution to the wind when it comes to your personal safety. I cannot emphasize this enough!

Don’t Just Adopt the First Degu you See!

When it comes to adoptions you need to understand the temperament of the animal before you bring them home. If a degu is very temperamental and doesn’t like to be held it may take you 6+ months to gain their trust. This just doesn’t fit into some people’s lives. Some people will be better off getting a young degu that will be easier to train and handle.

Also, if you are going to be introducing your new adopted degu to any of your other degus you have to remember that the older and animal is the harder it tends to be to integrate them into a clan. Take all of these things into consideration before going to the shelter.

Be sure to handle the degu before you agree – this goes for people buying degus in stores. Too many people don’t handle an animal before buying and that’s truly the best way to judge it’s personality. yes a degu that is hard to handle in the store can be trained but it’s a good first impression / judgment.

Contribute to Shelters if Adoption isn’t for You!

If adoption isn’t right for you then consider contributing to shelters in your area by donations, or volunteering.

Here are some degu products you can buy to support the Small Angel’s Rescue which rescues a good number of degus per year!