How to Calm a Hyper Dog?

Well, the first thing to realize is that every dog is a hyper dog because ALL dogs are hyper.  There is such a thing as an overstimulated or “ADHD” puppy, but it is extremely uncommon.  The real cause is that dogs are just very energetic creatures, they need much more physical exercise than we do or they just drive themselves crazy.  The simple fact is that most dogs who display hyperactivity issues are just under-exercised and not getting nearly enough energy out.  Take them through an agility course for a few days or hiking over the whole weekend and you wouldn’t even recognize their behavior patterns!

How to Calm a Hyper DogSome dogs, especially herding and working breeds, can’t just go for a daily walk and have that be their daily exercise.  Walking around the block just simply won’t cut it for a dog like this, they have to be mentally and physically stimulated, and they need to be pushed and challenged beyond a regular routine.  These dogs just have a common case of Wild Dog Syndrome, for which the cure is more activity in their daily lives.  Unfortunately, our hyper dogs can put themselves in great danger without even realizing it.  Dogs that need to release energy will do so with wild abandon, much like a small child.  They simply do not know the incredible risk of darting across the highway in search of some bird or small game they saw running on the other side.  They can also be offensive or even scary to humans that are not used to hyper dogs, especially small children, who they can end up hurting if they play too rough.  Thankfully, these behaviors are easy to curb and stop.  As your dog grows up and gets older, they will naturally calm themselves and learn the dangers of this misbehavior.  Training will also help a great deal, teaching things like sit and stay will teach your dog to listen and obey you, and they will not be as eager to do things they know you will not like.