How To Clean A Dog’s Ears

One common part of grooming people usually forget is their dog’s ears.  They are a very important part of your dog, and thankfully all you need to do to keep your dog’s ears are clean and healthy is a little basic maintenance. So here is how to clean a dog’s ears.

How To Clean A Dogs EarsDogs ears are not exactly smooth, they are a series of winding canals with curvy surfaces that are easy for bacteria and parasites to hide and breed in.  Dogs with floppy ears are particularly at risk to develop infections, as sometimes the debris will have no way to escape, this is also true for dogs that have hair growth in their inner ears, or who produce a lot of earwax.   These dogs should have their ears checked and cleaned regularly.  Cleaning your dog’s ears is easiest with a small cotton ball or q tip wetted with some hydrogen peroxide, or a pet cleaning solution specifically for ears.  Cleaning your dog’s ears too frequently, or too aggressively can  irritate your dog and hurt them, never ever insert anything into their ear either, as you could cause them great pain.  If your dog has hair coming out of their canal, it may be necessary to get your vet to use tweezers to pick some out occasionally to prevent tangles or matting.  Your vet will be able to tell you if your dog needs this type of grooming.  Water in a dog’s ears can become a problem and an irritant for some dogs if left unchecked.  Make sure their ears are dry after any water-based activities, you can also get ear drying solutions from the pet store.  If your dog has any ear discharge, smells, or swelling you should definitely check with your vet because these are common signs of ear infection in canines.