How To Euthanize A Dog

We all love our dogs very, very much, and one sad fact of being a dog owner is when it’s time for your dog to go. Like us, dogs do not live forever.  One day it will come time for your dog, just like it does for all living things.  Some people let their dogs live out their natural lives, some choose to euthanize them when they get old.   There are many legitimate reasons to euthanize dogs in their old age, and I am sure you have all seen Old Yeller.  It is a very personal choice that can be brought about by many different situations in your dog’s life.  The primary question should be, how is the quality of life for your dog?  Here are some tips on how to euthanize a dog.

How to Euthanize A DogMost times when people talk about putting down a dog, they are referring to the two most common methods.  One would be to take them to a vet to get a shot, and the other would be to take them out back and shoot them yourself.  Of course, there is very deep philosophical debate and reflection that goes with the question of how to euthanize a dog.  Probably the most common way is to go to your vet and have them do it, many will do house calls for a very reasonable price, especially if they have known the dog.  The next most common would be to take a high powered pistol or rifle and shoot the dog, many people will take the dog to their favorite place to do this, somewhere out in the woods.  Drug overdose is a common recommendation, although it is not a very good one because if you dose them wrong or at the wrong rate, things could go terribly horribly wrong.  Another common recommendation is to build a C02 box, although this is only somewhat reliable even for a small dog.  If you are not mentally fit or do not think you can put your dog down yourself, it is best not to try.  Much better to find someone who is, like a good vet, rather than risk a terrible and painful death for your dog.