Is your Degu Lost?

Finding A Lost AnimalIf your degu isn’t lost, but you want to be prepared for that scary moment when you can’t find him, skip to here!

One of the worst moments is when you look over at the cage or habitat and no one is inside!

We had that moment today with one of our newest degus: No Name. We looked at the cage and someone had left the top open and there was no one inside. Best we could guess the top was open for over 30 minutes and we began searching. We have a small apartment so she was very easy to find (under 5 minutes) but here’s what we find works best.

Step 1 – Get Quiet

We turned off everything that we could. TV, computer, fan, AC, portable heater even temporarily shut down any aquarium filters if your animals can tolerate that for a few minutes. This will help you hear anyone chewing on the floor, baseboards or furniture – and will also help you hear is anyone is chirping or yelling.

Step 2 – Lock it Down

Go and shut all the doors in the house, but mark which doors were open when the degu was discovered to be missing – if you have post it notes around you could use those, or place a shoe, sock or something unusual to find on the floor in front of the door. This will stop them from escaping to a different room if there’s a chase. Also, you may have to search through the house, room by room.

When you close off a room turn all the lights and tv’s off and even shut the shades

Step 3 – Secure Cabinets & Doors and Close Toilet Seats

If the degu could have escaped to the bathroom or kitchen then immediately search any cabinets that were open or any shelves that are within 18″ of the ground that may have cleaning products or food. Then if possible clear the whole room and close it off to continue looking for the lost degu.

If the bathroom is open make sure you check the toilet and close the toilet seat. I know it’s kind-of morbid but I’ve heard of pet rodents drowning in the toilet because they escaped and that’s the only water source then can find when not in their cages. Then do a sweep of the bathroom and any open cabinets. Then close off the room and continue looking.

If you have any open heating vents or doors dog doors I’d secure those too.

Step 4 – Start From the Ground Up

Grab your flashlight and search under everything – TV cabinets and stands, coffee tables, computer desks. Look under cabinets that are more than 1″ above the floor – degus fit just about anywhere. Check under the heaters, couches, beds, dressers etc. Piles of laundry, closets. It’s a pain but keep looking.

Step 5 – The Weird Places You May Find your Degu

Closed Dresser Drawers
You don’t always realize it but most dressers or cabinets with doors don’t have full bottoms. Small animals like degus and ferrets can get under the dresser, behind the drawer and hop right in. I’ve seen them do it – I used to live with someone who had 4 ferrets and I ended up boarding up the bottom of my dressers so I didn’t find any ferrets in my underwear drawer!

Inside Couches

If your couch pulls out, or has removable cushions a degu can get into the insides of the couch. Often times couches are “sealed” at the bottom with a very thin sheet of fabric that tears easily.
If you are concerned you have a degu in the couch you may have to flip it on it’s back to get them out. I’ve had more than one degu get away from me and into the couch – it stinks to get them out.

When You Find the Degu

When you locate the lost degu it’s important to be careful, gentle and talk to them. Often times they are scared. Use a baseball cap to scoop them up – it will smell like you which is comforting but often scares a degu less than your hands reaching for them.

Can’t find them?

There’s a certain point where you may be concerned you’ll never find your little buddy. Don’t fret yet! There were two times where my degus had gotten away from me and i had to search for them. The first time after Rascal had been lost for over an hour he got close to where I was and started crying and yelping. It still took me a good 10 minutes to catch him but he was in an unfamiliar place – no easily available water or food like in his cage, and no safe place to rest like in his cage.

Same thing happened today with No Name. She was in the bathroom after I’d shut the toilet seat and the door. It was dark and we think she got scared just like Rascal had before – we were in the other room and could hear her crying and tracked her down to the bathroom under the cabinet before we’d even finished looking in the living room.

Remember to NOT Make the Chase a Game

It’ so important to not let your degus think it’s a game when you are trying to catch them. It can be very fun for them but very stressful for you. All of my degus know that if I can’t get them in my hands or hat the first couple times I’ll just keep them cornered until they come to me. By cornered I mean making sure I have them in a small controlled area. When a degu is lost or loose there’s usually only one and they hate being alone. They love the attention and affection; if they know you can provide them with those things plus food and water they know who to come to when it’s time to go back in the cage.

Best Way to Find a Lost Degu

live degu trap The best way to find a lost degu is to be prepared! The word trap has such negative connotation, but having a live trap on hand is the way to go. Really, having more than one is the best idea. Have one you can put in each room or along walls in hallways and you’re likely to find your degu much, much quicker!

Having a humane trap like this Smart Mouse Trap on hand when you can’t find your degu will save you so much heartache.


Have any tips to share on how you’ve found your degu when they were lost – or how you caught them when they get loose? Share it in the comments below! It’ll end up helping someone later!