How To Give A Dog A Pill

As dog owners sometimes we have to deal with a sick dog.  Sometimes our dog can be so sick they need some medicine to help them out.  First off, you should always consult your vet any time you give your dog medication so you can be sure you are giving the right medication at the right dosage.  This is very important because you could easily make the problem worse for your puppy. This article is about how to give a dog a pill.

Giving Dog PillsThe easiest and most simple way to give a dog a pill is to slip your thumb behind one of their canine teeth and press upwards on the roof of their mouth.  As they start to open their mouth, use your other thumb to press down on their lower jaw.  This will cause them to open their mouths, and you can insert the pill.  When you insert it, put it towards the back of their tongue in the middle.  If you place it to the front of their mouth, they will spit it right out as soon as you close their muzzle.  You can also push up the skin of their mouth behind their canines, and they will open their mouth.  You can also try blowing into your dog’s nose to cause them to quickly swallow if you are having a problem with them spitting out the pill.  Do not break the pill into a powder, as it has a very unpleasant taste and can make a dog puke.  Some medications also have a time delay coating, and crushing the pill will destroy it.  Of course, you can also give a dog a pill in food, just make sure they can swallow and do not chew the pill.  There are also commercial treats available made specifically for administering medications that are sticky enough to make it difficult for the dog to extract a pill while eating the treat. They are soft so they mold easily around the pill. Pill Pockets and Flavor-Doh are two examples.