How To Litter Train A Dog


Have you wondered “can dogs be litter box trained”? The thought of training your dog to use the litter box just like your other furry pet may be a bit strange but I can tell you from experience, it is well worth it.

Litter Training a DogIf you are suffering from a long day at work and your boss asks you to stay a few extra hours, you may not make it home in time to let your dog out in the yard to do his or her business. This is where litter box training for dogs comes in handy and you should think about how to litter train a dog to prevent this problem.

By providing a litter box to your dog, as well as the training necessary to they learn to use it, your pet will be able to have access no matter what time of the day it is. You can stop worrying about when you should get up to take your dog out, or if you really took them out before you go to bed. That worry is gone! All you really need to do after your dog is trained is change the litter every few days depending on what size breed you got. Even if you have an outdoor dog that sometimes comes inside, these can be trained to use an indoor litter box as well!

So let’s get into how to litter train a dog. How do you convince your dog to use the litter box? The same way you trained your dog to sit, positive reinforcement! For at least a couple months after you make the decision to litter train your dog, you will need to give them positive reinforcement each and every time they use the box. If you do not, they will not learn or will learn very slowly.

You can use this technique on adult dogs as well as new puppies. After you get done feeding and giving your dog enough water during the day, bring them over to the litter box and encourage them with a phrase such as “bathroom” or “potty” which acts as a cue for your pet. If you are working with an adult dog, it may be a while after they drink before they have to go, but puppies usually go within half an hour of drinking.

If you find the dog going somewhere else besides the litter box, give them a gentle scolding and take them to the litter box. Keep up this process for the next following months. As your dog begins to use the litter box without you bring them over, keep praising them but do not give them as many treats as you once did. Eventually, you won’t need to give them any treats at all and they will use the litter box on their own each and every time!