How To Make A Dog Bark

Although it may seem that dogs instinctively bark all day and night, and at just about everything, it can actually be pretty tough to make them bark on command!  However, it is actually one of the most simple and reliable ways to get them to stop barking, and it can be a pretty cute party trick as well.

How to Make a Dog Bark First off, get your puppy all wound up and hyper.  Tease them with a ball or run them around the house, or whatever other games they really love to play.  Although this may seem counter-intuitive to training, it creates one of the most essential conditions to making your dog bark, a whole lot of energy.  Get one of your dog’s favorite toys, and hold it out of reach for them, at which point they will probably bark to make you aware of their need to have it.  If a favorite toy does not work, a treat most certainly will!  Use the toy and hide it behind your back to get them to bark, and when they do, say the command you want to use to tell them to bark (like talk, or speak).  A fun and energetic training session will most certainly lead to a productive training session.  After your dog barks a few times, reward them by giving or throwing the toy to them.  It is important to not make your dog go on and on barking, as most of us will only want a few barks on command.  Repeat this training process and remain consistent, and your dog should be able to learn the command pretty easily!