How To Put On A Dog Harness


A harness is specifically designed for dogs.  It contours to their body lines and distributes leash pull along their whole body instead of just their neck.  This is much healthier for dogs who yank at their leashes, or are generally excitable.  A harness will also give a dog extra support around their chest and back, and most dogs will not mind the feeling of a harness at all, as it is basically a shirt for them to wear (Instead of the necklace that is a collar).  The harness will prevent nasty tangles around your dogs neck that can be very painful, or even life threatening.  Plus, service dogs and dogs with vests are totally classy and in style.  Everyone loves a dog that can carry around stuff!

How to Put on a Dog Harness

Putting a dog harness on is a very simple process, and a harness can be left on a dog for extended periods.  But, like with everything else, there is a bit of a learning curve, and figuring it out the first time can be a little more confusing than you would think.  The picture above displays a basic visual guide to attaching a Sporn harness (very high quality if you see them the next time you are shopping for your dog). First off, make sure you assemble the harness if any is required,  loosen all the straps so that the harness can fit over your entire dog, we will tighten it once we put it on.  Secondly, determine which side is the top, which is the side with the D-ring clips that attach the front and rear loops, usually the bottom will have some sort of extra padding for a dogs sensitive underside as well.  Now, determine which side is the front (Hint: Its smaller, and usually not padded like the back side), and slip it over your dogs muzzle like you would to put on a collar.  Take the back loops and put your dogs legs through them one at a time (this is why we had to loosen it all up).  Once you are sure it is on the right way, snug down the harness from front to back.  It is important to make sure that the harness is snug, and not tight, as it is very easy to over tighten a harness on a dog.  It should have a little wiggle room, and you should be able to easily slide a finger under it.  If you over tighten the harness on the dog, you will notice they will have drastically impaired movement (In a kind of guilty way, it was really funny the first time I did this by accident to my dog, Stella, and she proceeded to try and hop around the room like a kangaroo).  So hopefully after reading this article, you know how to put on a dog harness, and you won’t make your dog look as foolish as I did the first time you give it a try!