How To Register A Dog

We all love our dogs, and owning them requires a whole bunch of different responsibilities. One of those may be figuring out how to register a dog.  Some cities and towns actually require a license or registration for your dog by law, like San Fransisco.  If your dog gets picked up by the pound or animal control in one of these places, it could land you in some legal places.

How to Register a DogRegistration programs can also benefit the dog immensely if they go missing.  Some places have systems that can track and search for dogs, so they can be reunited with their owner as soon as possible.  For what it is worth, registration can also be a good indicator that your dog is well cared for if they are picked up, they will know it is free of diseases and up on its vaccinations.  Licensing fees also usually go to help support animal shelters and local efforts to help pets in the community.  Usually, it is a small fee and a page or two of paperwork, somewhere around $20.  Your local city hall or licensing department would be the best place to contact to get the forms, and in many places, you can get it done pretty quickly online.  Different places also have different requirements for registration, so make sure you read up on those before applying.