Figuring Out The Sex of Your Degu

How to Find the Sex of Your Degu

Knowing how to sex your degus yourself is very important as a degu owner. While the people in the store or shelter may seem knowledgeable about degus – it’s always best to verify as much information yourself.

I’ve found it’s easier to sex a degu for the first few times by comparing it to other degus. When you hold a male and female about the same age up and look you’ll be able to tell much easier which is which, much like she does in the video below!

A word of caution:

It’s easy to mistake the sex of your degu when they are young. I was sexing a pair of my degus and was certain they were both boys – even after comparing them to each other as well. Then a few months later it became apparent that there weren’t three boys in the cage and that we had a couple and an outcast. We had to do a bit of rearranging in the cages to separate the boys and the girls once we found out – which was an unpleasant surprise and a trip to get a whole new setup!