How To Shave A Dog

Dog shaving and grooming is expensive!  Usually around $30 to $100 per visit, and that’s if they like your dog!  If they have any problems, they will most certainly charge you more.  So in the interest of saving some money, you may want to shave your dog yourself instead of taking them to the groomer every time.  It is not that hard, but you do have to take your time, be methodical, and careful.  Here’s how to shave a dog.

How To Shave A DogFirst, choose a shaver.  You should get a quality shaver that is for canines.  A dogs fur, even if it is thin, will wreck any human shaver, they simply just cannot handle that much thick hair.  You can get one of these at any pet store.  Once you have your shaver you need to get a nice, flat space to shave your dog….you are going to make a huge mess.  Take your dogs collar and tie it off over their head so they keep their head up and can’t jump off the table.  Use a short, #10 blade and start with their muzzle.  Make sure the shaver is flat and always shave towards the eyes and with the direction of the hair.  Make sure you keep the body of the shaver on your dog at all times, or it may cut them.  If your dog gets anxious and starts moving around, do not try to fight them, wait and settle them down.  This step is imperative to take your time and be very careful, you don’t want to poke your dogs eye out!

When you finish with their face, you can relax a little bit and work your way back across their body, making sure to cut with the grain of the hair and not against it.  At this point, it will probably be more effective to switch to a larger blade.  When shaving, always use long, slow strokes to avoid cutting your dog.  You will also probably have to clean out the blade with some water a few times while shaving your dog, depending on how thick their fur is.  If your blade came with oil, make sure you apply more after cleaning it.  After shaving your dog, you should give them a bath to get rid of any extra hair left on their bodies.  If you take it slow and carefully, you should have no problems shaving your dog and saving a few bucks!