How to Socialize A Dog

Most of us dog owners want to share our dogs love with everyone, but sometimes our dogs are a little bit misbehaved or too excitable.  Good socialization comes from practice and discipline, teaching your dog good habits around people and other dogs.  Properly socializing your dog will come with many benefits, and will help them to be a positive and upstanding member of your household!  So how to socialize a dog?  Read on!

Dog SocializationTaking on a canine as a pet takes more than just feeding it and giving it water.  Your dog has feelings just like we do, and need to learn how to behave just like any child would.  It is up to you as the dogs owner to help it grow into a well-rounded dog that can handle whatever situation it is and react appropriately, to become a good canine citizen.  The ASPCA offers this certification for dogs, and they are great guidelines to go by in training your dog, your dog will most assuredly be good around people and children if it is able to pass a good canine citizen test.  As with most training, it is very important to socialize your dog earlier on, as they are more curious and flexible, and have not formed many habits yet.  It is best to start socializing them before they are 16 weeks old.  Although older dogs can also be socialized, it is much more difficult and requires a whole lot of patience.

Let your dog hang out with other humans and dogs, which will help get them used to it.  Let them go through all the experiences that they are going to go through when they are older, as they can start to adapt earlier when it is much easier for them.  Showing your dog what is going to be expected of them from yourself, others, and other animals is a very important part of their early learning experience.  It will allow them to become used to all the things that they are going to be doing when they get older.  Dogs are much more curious when they are younger, so they are less likely to get panicked or anxious when presented with similar situations in the future!