How To Train A Dog To Roll Over

The roll over trick is a common staple of dog learning, something every owner should teach to every dog, just like “Sit/Stay” and “Lie Down”.  Getting your dog to lie down and roll over can be slightly harder to teach than just a simple “Sit” or “Lie Down” command, but it isn’t too hard with a little bit of persistence and dedication.

How To Train A Dog To Roll OverTo teach a dog to roll over, first, get them ready for training.  Give them a good exercise session beforehand to work out all their energy, so that they can be focused on you (this always helps with training), which is especially important when teaching them to roll over.  Have your dog lay down and use a treat or a toy to get them to roll their head back to one side until their body follows.  If you are having trouble with your dog getting up when you try to get them to roll over, you are holding the treat too far away from them. After this, use the same motion to get your dog on their back.  You will have to teach this incrementally, and slowly,  different dogs will learn at a different pace.  As long as you stay consistent and patient, as well as giving praise and encouragement when they do a step right; they will figure it out pretty quickly.  Once you can get them to roll over with a treat, gradually work on doing it without a treat and just getting them to roll over via command with praise.  If you follow these tips and keep at it, pretty soon you will have a dog that will roll over on command!