How To Train A Dog To Stay

Many of us ask this question when we cannot figure it out because being able to make your dog “Sit and Stay” is essential for teaching them how to behave well.  Just as useful, is being able to make them stay in a specific location, like the other room when you have someone over that is allergic to dogs.

Stay Dog TrainingTeaching your dog that the area they want to be in is the same area you want them to be in can seem daunting at first because your dog may just not “get it” right off the bat.  When you start out teaching them how to stay, make sure you are very easy on them.  Reward them and praise them when they “Sit and Stay” for just a few seconds, and start backing up a little more every time you do this.  As you will be rewarding them a whole lot during this training, small treats are best to keep their focus on you and the training.  Show them the best place to be is where you want them to be because that’s what gets them the reward.  Teach them to follow you closely, and to “Stay” from a distance.  Their drive to please you will ultimately lead them to figure out what to do. Just remember if you get frustrated, they want to do exactly what you want them to, they just don’t understand how yet! Once your dog starts to realize what “Stay” means, you should start extending the time, and increasing the distance.  This should be much easier and quicker than the initial phase, though.

As always when training a dog, make sure that you are in a good mood, and patient with them while training.  Set your dog up to succeed, and give them plenty of positive reinforcement.  It also helps to give them a run and get their energy levels down before training, remember that a tired dog is a well-behaved dog!