Italian Greyhound

The Lightning Fast Italian Greyhound!


Behavior common of the Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is a loving and sensitive breed. These devoted dogs enjoy spending time with their owners and require a lot of attention. Dogs of this breed prefer to remain close to owners at all times and will try to cuddle or sleep with humans. For this reason, the Italian Greyhound should not be left alone for long periods of time. While these dogs may appear timid, they can be quite playful and full of energy. This breed prefers to spend time indoors with his family, but they also require regular exercise like other dogs. These dogs are great jumpers and escape artists and should be closely watched to avoid injury. They can be easily startled by strangers and will bark if one approaches, making them decent watchdogs.

The Italian Greyhound may not be great around small animals, as the breed has a tendency to chase them. Other animals are no problem for these dogs as long as they are properly socialized, so households with other dogs and cats can easily adopt the Italian Greyhound into their family. The Italian Greyhound is great with kids, but children should be instructed to play with these dogs gently. As previously stated, the Italian Greyhound can be shy, and this trait can become apparent when the dog is around new people. Remaining calm around this breed will help ease their nervousness.

Because of their shyness, the breed responds well to training methods that provide frequent praise and reassurance. The Italian Greyhound may be difficult to train, but patience and persistence can definitely pay off.

Appearance of the Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhounds are 13 to 15 inches tall and weigh 7 to 14 pounds. These dogs have smooth, short coats that come in black, gray, blue, red, slate, white, or a combination of colors. These dogs are small and slender, featuring graceful limbs and thin, long tails. Necks are also long and slender, arching attractively. A deep, narrow chest and small, folded ears complete the elegant look of this breed.

Grooming your Italian Greyhound

These dogs may require outerwear if they are living in or visiting colder climates, as they do not do well in the cold. Aside from that, the Italian Greyhound  is one of the most low-maintenance breeds when it comes to grooming. They shed very little and very rarely require a bath. Regular brushing and ear cleanings with vet-approved solutions will serve this breed well. Proper dental care and regular nail clippings will also be required to keep the dog healthy and prevent problems.

History of the Italian Greyhound

This old breed has been featured in Mediterranean artwork dated at over 2000 years old. Some Egyptian tombs over 6000 years old feature depictions of dogs that look very much like this breed. It is believed that the breed arrived in Europe during the Middle Ages, shepherded in by the Phoenicians.  Italian Greyhounds were favored by Italian royalty in the 16th century and took on their breed name during this time. While the breed faced near-extinction at one point, the features of the Italian Greyhound remain largely unchanged throughout the years. Today, many people enjoy these dogs as pets and loving companions.