Our Guide Of Items To Keep Your Pet Warm And Safe


this post, we decided to address some of the harsh truths about cold weather and our furry friends. Naturally, you want to keep your dog safe, protected, and comfortable. Unfortunately, kennel flooring for dogs can become quite cold during the harsh winter season. Even indoor kennel flooring material may get chilly at times, too. Addressing the risks at hand is very important, and that’s why we’ve created this post – to inform and help our fellow dog lovers!

So, what danger does cold weather pose for dogs? We found a detailed article on this topic by the reputable ASPCA. Below we highlighted some of the dangers that are mentioned in the informative post. Dogs who are exposed to cold weather may:

  • develop itchy skin
  • develop flaky skin
  • have irritated paws
  • have cracked or red paws
  • experience disorientation
  • experience injury or death (if left out in the cold weather for too long)

These problems may also arise when dogs go from warm temperatures (inside) to cold temperatures (outside) frequently. The drastic change can cause some of the problems listed above. It’s similar to some of the problems we face – chapped lips and skin, dry and itchy skin, and so on. There’s a general rule of thumb that’s easy to remember; if the cold weather is affecting you, then it’s also going to affect your dog.

So, that’s why we’ve created the list below. It offers solutions for A) keeping your dog warm and B) treating any problems that he may experience due to cold weather. We took our time to pick highly-rated, reputable products that other dog owners love. Without further ado, let’s take a look at this list!

Keep Your Dog House Toasty Warm With This Heater

Akoma Hound Heater Dog House Heating and Cooling Solutions

  • This thermostatically controlled heater is adjusted by you, so you can keep it at a temperature that you know is suitable. You can adjust the heat to ensure your dog stays suitably warm when he’s outside.
  • The product features heat shields that cover the heating element. This protects your dog getting burned and sustaining heat-related injuries.
  • A spring cord design protects the cord from your dog’s chewing or playing around. It also protects your dog from a dangerous electric shock.
Akoma Hound Heater
  • The heater can heat up to 32 cubic feet of a well insulated house. You may use it indoors or outdoors, but you can feel assured that it provides heat to an ample amount of space.
  • Installation for this product is as simple as it can get. The manufacturer provides instructions equipped with pictures. It should only take a few minutes to get it set up.
  • The Akoma heater has over 200 reviews on Amazon; the feedback for this product is majorly positive. One dog owner starts her review by saying “I love it and my dogs love it!” and also says “I recommend this to anyone trying to keep their dogs nice and warm. It is super easy to install and is hassle free.” Another pet owner says “Love it! Easy to install, nice and quiet!”. As you can see, dog owners seem to be incredibly satisfied with this heater.

Give Your Dog A Nice Warm Floor To Lay On With This Heating Pad

Milliard Outdoor Heated Pet Pad

K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad

  • These dog kennel flooring mats come in three different sizes. The ‘Small’ size is 12.5 by 18.5 inches. The ‘Medium’ size is 16.5 by 22.5 inches. The ‘Large’ size is 22.5 by 28.5 inches.
  • The heating mat comes with a free fleece cover for comfort and protection. The fleece helps protect your dog while also adding some extra coziness to the mat.
  • This product features a 5.5. steel wrapped cord. This adds durability to the cord and protects it from chewing and general wear and tear. It also makes it safer for your curious pup.
  • This product only uses 80 watts, so it’s a pretty energy efficient choice. Compare this to a typical portable space heater used in your home; those use an average of 1,500 watts. Clearly, the K&H Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad is a good option if you want something that won’t cause a huge spike in your utility costs.
  • When you buy this mat, you get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can obtain the details of the warranty by contacting the manufacturer. This is excellent reassurance if you’re on the fence about using a product like this.
  • The K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad has over 450 positive reviews and excellent four-star feedback from customers. One pet owner leaves glowing feedback and says “Fire-safe and your outdoor animal will love it.” and “We looked at other fire-safe warming devices for animals, but nothing compared to this product for your money.” This is certainly an impressive testament, and there are several more just like it!

Winters Get Cold That Doesn’t Mean Your Dog’s Kennel Has To Be

DP Hunter Dog Floor Heater

  • This kennel floor heater is available in two different sizes. The ‘Small’ is 18 by 13 inches, and the ‘Large’ is 18 by 18 inches. These sizes seem to be an ideal fit for small to medium sized furry friends.
  • This product is made from water-resistant material. This makes it safer when it’s snowing and during other types of inclement weather. Make sure to carefully read all instructions to ensure you use it in a 100% safe manner.
  • The mat features a built-in thermostat. This keeps it at a safe temperature; your dog can stay cozy without becoming too warm. More importantly, this drastically reduces the chance of any type of heat-related injury.
DP Hunter Dog Floor Heater
  • This product uses only 40 watts of energy. This makes it one of the most energy-efficient products that we found during our search. It can ensure your dog’s comfort without really impacting your electric bill too much.
  • Many dog owners have positive things to say about the DP Hunter Dog Floor Heater. One of the top customer reviews says “My dogs love the heaters and me for getting them for them!” and “I can feel the warmth from the heater and the dogs definitely can as well…”. Another pet owner says “I have been very impressed with this heater.” and that it’s noticeably warmer than other models that they have tried. One buyer even purchased seven of these heaters and left a five-star review. That’s certainly a good sign!

A Cozy Blanket For Your Furry Friend

American Kennel Club Solid Pet Throw Blanket

American Kennel Club Solid Pet Throw Blanket

  • This throw blanket is large enough to keep many breeds covered and cozy. It’s 40 by 50 inches, so it’ll also cover most kennel floors as well as covering up your furry friend. You can also use it around your home anywhere that your dog tends to cozy up – couches, floors, bed, and more!
  • This soft, attractive blanket is available in three different colors. You can choose from neutral tones like gray or brown. There are also bright colors such as red and patterned options such as leopard print available. The opposite side features a light white material with a subtle diamond pattern on it.
  • The blanket is machine washable, so cleaning it is not a hassle. If it get’s too much hair on it or your dog has an accident, that’s no problem. You can have a 100% clean, warm blanket again in no time. One satisfied buyer mentioned in her review that this blanket looks new even after it has been washed.
  • A fuzzy blanket like this pairs perfectly with virtually any kennel flooring options. You can use it to line the inside of your dog’s crate to protect from cool plastic, metal, and other materials. 
  • This is a great option for indoor crates that don’t require a heated kennel pad. If you don’t need a heating pad inside, why spend money on one? You can buy one or more of these blankets to add some warmth to your dog’s crate. It’s a simple budget-friendly solution.
  • The American Kennel Club Solid Pet Throw Blanket has nearly 200 reviews, and the majority of them are very positive. One dog owner says “My Dog LOVES This” and that it’s “VERY, VERY soft”. Another happy buyer uses it on her sofa to protect it, and says “This covers the area nicely and looks great”. As you can see, this simple item has made a lot of dog owners quite happy. There are dozens of other reviews from satisfied dog owners – check them out!

Keep Your Dog’s Paws Moisturized This Winter

Burt’s Bees Paw and Nose Lotion

  • Burt’s Bees Paw and Nose Lotion contains ingredients that are safe for your dog. It contains rich moisturizing olive oil and natural rosemary. It also has jojoba seed oil for additional moisturizing. Beeswax is another primary ingredient in this lotion; this is a soothing and natural protectant for skin found in dozens of lotions, soaps, and more. Your dog will get the ultimate nourishment he needs.
  • This product is not only designed to protect, it’s also designed to repair. If your dog already has cracked or dry skin, you can use this lotion to restore it back to a soft and healthy state. You can use the lotion year-round if your dog is prone to having dry skin problems, too.
  • Other dog owners rave about this product; it has nearly 200 reviews on Amazon and they’re very positive. One very happy dog owner stated “My dog obtained immediate relief!” when she used this to help heal her dog’s paw. Another buyer said “Her nose had noticeable improvement right away.” when she used it to heal her dog’s nose. There are hundreds of genuine, detailed reviews like this one – see for yourself!
Burt's Bees Paw and Nose Lotion

Protect Your Dog’s Paws From The Cold And Ice

Pawz Water-Proof Dog Boot

Pawz Water-Proof Dog Boot

  • You can choose from seven different colors. Six of the seven colors are bright, and that makes them easy to see in the snow. It’ll also help you notice if your dog accidentally loses one.
  • There are several options available for this product. The sizes include Tiny, XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, And X-Large. Finding the right fit for your furry friend should be simple.
  • These boots protect your dog from ice, water, and toxic melting salt. Melting salt used on sidewalks is a huge hazard to dogs during the winter. These natural rubber boots protect your pup from harm.
  • These boots are both disposable and reusable. You can use them until they’ve worn down or you lose them, and then you simply pick out a new pair. 12 boots come in a back, so one purchase can last you for quite awhile.
  • As of October 2016, this product is the #1 Best Seller in Amazon’s Dog Boot category. This is a great testament to the popularity and quality of the product.
  • In addition to a high ranking, these boots have over 2,500 customer reviews. A lot of these reviews have wonderful things to say about the boots. One buyer calls them a “Fabulous item in even the toughest winter conditions!” and another says “Pawz work so well, I’m telling everyone I know!”. If you want a protective product with outstanding feedback, Pawz Dog Boots are the way to go.

Warm, Safe, And Happy: Your Dog Can Stay Comfortable All Winter Long


easy to see that your dog kennel floor heater options are pretty expansive. You also have other options for ensuring that your dog stays warm, healthy, and safe. The best part? You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your furry friend’s kennel flooring warm. And even the pricier items on our list are quite a great investment. Overall, it’s a win/win for you and your canine companion!

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We hope that you find this article informative and that it helps you prepare for the cold, bitter winter. You want the best for your dog, and we want to help you get the best. While we don’t have every single answer, we’re committed to helping and informing. Do you have any questions about our list of kennel floor heaters and other products? If so, feel free to comment with your question below. We’ll do what we can to help you out and point you in the right direction!