Meet the Adorable Kyi-Leo!


Behavior common of the Kyi-Leo

The Kyi-Leo is a small dog noted for its very lively energy levels. It is very quick and often compared to a cat because it can move so fast and well. It has even been known to grab objects with its front paws much like a cat does. This breed behaves very well with other dogs and even with other pets that are not dogs. It needs to know who the pack leader is in order to maintain good behavior, so establishing solid training and ownership is a must. It is very good with children, but like with adults it needs to know that the children are in charge in order to make sure this good behavior comes out.

The Kyi-Leo is an excellent watchdog that is full of energy and voice. They are very affectionate to everyone and will try to please people all the time. With proper socialization, you should have no issues with the dog being used to strangers or noises and this will help you to avoid other problems that are typical of small breeds, such as excessive barking and separation anxiety.

Appearance of the Kyi-Leo

The Kyi-Leo is noted for being a very small dog but it is still quite solid. This breed will only grow to between eight and twelve inches tall and it will only weigh generally between nine and fourteen pounds at its maximum. When the dog is on alert, its tail will naturally curve over its back. Most of the breed will be black and white in color with a very small percentage being a silver and white color. It has dark eyes and a black nose and its head is covered in long hair, giving it a beard and long whiskers. It has a very long and thick coat that can take years to develop and grow to full length. The coat can either be wavy or hang straight down.

Grooming your Kyi-Leo

Since this is a long-haired dog with a thick coat, brushing is an absolute must for the Kyi-Leo. Without regular brushing, the hair will become very matted and difficult to manage for you and your dog. Even just a brief brushing on a daily basis can help to make a big difference in the appearance and maintenance of the coat. The breed requires little in the way of trimming and a full clipping should never be needed. As with most other dogs, bathing should only be done when it is needed. The Kyi-Leo sheds on about the same par as any other breed.

History of the Kyi-Leo

The Kyi-Leo is a relatively new breed among dogs. The origins of the breed date back to the 1950s because of a mating of a Maltese and a Lhasa Apso that occurred in San Francisco, California. The breeding continued after this and was mainly in California until the 1970s when the dog became a bit more mainstream and recognized. The name comes from a cross of Tibetan and Latin, with “Kyi” meaning dog in Tibetan and “Leo” meaning lion in Latin, obviously referring to general look of the dog and its catlike qualities and appearance.