Where to Get My Degu From?

As a pet, the Degu may not yet be a household word, but there are still plenty of the cute little creatures piling up at rescue shelters around the country and the world.

Degus breed. Prolifically.

Degus can be hard to sex, so too many well-intentioned new degu parents have brought home a male-female pair instead of the assumed same-sex pair, only to wake up one morning and discover their two degus have, um, multiplied (a litter of degus can number as many as a dozen)!

Degus Are Very Social.

At first glance, a soft, furry, friendly little degu can appear to be the perfect family pet. But degus need company and lots of it if they are to thrive.  All too often, it turns out the family just doesn’t have time to really take care of one pet, let alone take on a second degu so their first can have some company, so the lonely solo degu ends up at the local shelter instead.

Degus Are Escape Artists.

Degus are mad chewers and they are smart, creative and very quick on their feet to boot. After one too many breakouts, the degu either escapes or the family has had enough, and guess where the degu goes?

All this to say, adopting a rescue degu is preferable if you are able. If not, due to their growing popularity as pets, you probably won’t have any trouble locating a private breeder online or finding a degu for sale at a local pet shop.

Important Note! 

If you are going to select a pair of degus, which can be great if you don’t anticipate having a great deal of time to interact with your pet personally, do your level best to choose a same-sex pair (unless you plan to breed them) and try to bring both home at the same time. Otherwise, it can be challenging to introduce a second animal later. It can be easier if you are introducing one female to another. If you plan to introduce a second male to an existing male, consider having both males neutered first or they may fight.

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