Let Your Dog Have Fun in The Heat!

You may not love the smell, but getting wet can be good for your dog in high temperatures.

Whether you are getting your dog out of the house for a little exercise (and it should be only a very little) or your home doesn’t cool off so well, see if you can find ways to get your dog wet.

Keep your dog cool by getting her wetEven though do not sweat through their skin (see our post on Dogs and Sweat), water on their body works the same way as with humans. The air evaporates it the moisture and it cools the body.

Here are some fun ways to get your dog wet and keep your dog cool:
  • Walk through sprinklers (in the neighborhood, commercial sprinklers sometimes have additives in the water).
  • Let your dog frolic under public faucets or anything or other clean water sources that don’t disturb other people (like public fountains or water fountains).
  • Walk through a nearby stream, if you know it is safe.
  • Find nearest beach or coastline that allows dogs. Many public beaches don’t allow dogs, but there may be a safe area up or down from the beach where your dog can get her or his paws wet.
  • The family pool or the pool of a dog-friendly friend can be good for splashes, but be very careful. Keep him or her in the shallow end.
  • Get a kiddie pool for the backyard.
  • Fill a spray bottle or mister with water (such as those used on plants) and periodically spray your dog’s body with it.

If you have kids around, wetting up the dog is a perfect activity for them. Give them a hose and let them go to town. But you just might want to monitor the back door when they are all ready to come in…