The Lionlike Lowchen!


Behavior common of the Lowchen

The Lowchen has an outgoing personality and attitude that is hard to match. They love people of all ages and sizes and have no problem showing it at any time. They have a very even temper and are known to be among the sweetest dogs around. They love to sit in laps or cuddle with anyone and expect to invited to sleep in bed with you. Even though they are small and cuddly, they are far from lazy. Lowchens love to play and like to romp around outdoors. They are also very acute watchdogs and will bark to let you know immediately that someone is near.

Lowchens are very smart and very trainable. This makes them a great dog for someone who may not have had a dog before. While they are the perfect size for apartment life, they do need exercise and should be walked daily to help burn off energy and fulfill their need to run and play. They are even great joggers and will be happy to keep up with you on a run.

One common behavioral problem of a Lowchen is something that is often seen in small breeds. They are known to suffer from separation anxiety and do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. Regular exercise and playing can help to lessen this but they are better off in a home where there is someone around all day long to keep them company.

Appearance of the Lowchen

Lowchens have a definite lion look to them. They are known to have a tail with a tassel and a long man very much like the ones seen on lions. They carry their head high at all times, giving them an even more regal look. They have a short muzzle with wide eyes and their ears are noted for their fringe. Lowchens are longer than they are tall and they are usually only about twelve or thirteen inches long. They also have a very dense coat that is wavy and can be nearly any color that is commonly found among other breeds of dogs.

Grooming your Lowchen

Lowchens, since they look so much like lions, often receive a haircut that is known as the “Lion’s Trim.” This means that they get short hair from their ribs to their back end and on their legs down to their feet, where a tuft of hair is kept just above the feet. They also get their tail trimmed but a tuft is left at the very tip. These dogs actually do not shed much at all and with some regular brushing their coats are very easy to maintain. You can keep their coats relatively free of tangles with just a brushing every few days. As is the case with other dogs, they really only require bathing as needed and should have their ears checked often to clear any wax buildup.

History of the Lowchen

No one seems to know the exact origin of the Lowchen. Some experts say it has a Mediterranean origin and looks related to the Bichon Frise or the Maltese. Others say it is from the Germanic region and has origins in Holland, Germany and Belgium. The German translation of the name is “little lion,” referring to its look. Dogs that look like the Lowchen date back to images from the 1400s in Europe. The breed was almost eliminated during the early parts of the twentieth century due to the wars and was once considered one of the rarest breeds on earth. The breed was revived and started to become common in the United States in the 1970s. While still somewhat rare, it is no longer in danger of extinction.