One of The Best Looking Wire Crates on The Market!


This Merry Products Pet Cage Review is just the thing you want to read if you are all about interior design and making the inside of your home look beautiful and inviting.

This pet cage by Merry Products is made out of wood that surrounds a wire dog crate and is created to look like a piece of furniture in your home. Of course, it does not just look like a table, it IS a table and is certainly functional as both. One of my good friends uses hers in the corner of her house for her dog as well as a coffee table next to her computer.

This wood and wire dog crate that acts as furniture is really a good buy no matter what room you want to put it in in your house. It is sure to draw conversation from anyone that you invite over for a cup of coffee.

Wood Dog Crate

Merry Products Pet Care With Crate Cover Features

  • As mentioned above, the wood makes this look like a crate with style as well as a piece of furniture.
  • Sturdy top finish lets you place many things on top at a normal table height.
  • Your dog will love it because it is really enclosed and feels like their own little cave. Visibility is still good and you will be able to view your pet from all sides.
  • The plastic tray is removable which makes this crate very easy to clean.
  • Comes with a divider panel so that housebreaking your puppy is easy. This also allows your puppy to grow into the crate and will not use a corner as his or her potty.
  • No hardware required making this an easy assembly.
  • Even with wooden parts, it is easy to transport!

Small, Medium, and Large. Merry Products Cage Has you Covered!

This crate comes in the following sizes for your pet.

Not including the table cover, the wire dog crate has the following dimensions

  • Small is 24″L X 18″W X 19″H
  • Medium is 30″L X 19″W X 21″H
  • Large is 42″L X 28″W X 30″H

The end table crate cover that goes on top has the following dimensions

  • Small is 27″L X 20 5/8″ W X 22.5″H
  • Medium is 32.5″L X 21 5/8″W X 22 3/8″H
  • Large is 44.5″L X 30″W X 31.5″H

Merry Products Cage With Crate Cover Details

When it comes to a standard dog crate, they do not look exactly stunning. They keep your dog safe but are not fancy or provide any good looks.

Merry Products have really added to the market with a cage that will cover every size of dog from small, medium and large. This piece is nice to look at as well as being a solid cage inside and out. It comes down to style and functionality and this crate nails it!

The crate itself by Merry Products is free standing and is black powder coated. The wood is a nice mahogany brown that has a veneer cover.

This veneer cover is strong and can withstand some abuse which makes it a great side table while keeping your dog safely underneath.

The crate also comes with a pan that is removable making it very simple to clean. The divider panel that comes with this unit allows you to train your puppy to be housebroken but also allows the cage to grow with the size of your dog when they grow up.

You do not need any hardware to assemble and disassemble this unit making it great to break down when you do not need to use it.

What Are The Negatives With this Crate?

Almost all the reviews of this crate have been very positive and almost everyone has loved it. However, there were a few comments that this cage was not strong enough to stop their pet from scratching the wood. To combat this, just make sure your pet is either inside, or when outside, fully supervised.

Final Thoughts on The Merry Products Dog Crate

Overall, the Merry Products Pet Cage that comes with a crate cover is one of the best crates that pet owners can get for their dog. It fits every size of dog and looks a lot better than just a normal dog cage. If you have a small or housebroken pet, then this is the idea solution for indoor living.

If you think this is the dog crate for you, it probably is. It has over a 4 star rating and most people were very happy to have their Wooden Cover dog crate in their house for everyone to see!