Comparing Metal Cages vs Aquariums:

Metal CageDegu Metal Cage
  • Very well ventilated.
  • Easy to attach shelves and accessories.
  • Bedding can escape through slats.
  • Some more bothersome degus will chew on the bars.
  • Are a bit of a visual obstruction for watching your critters.
  • Allows for climbing the bars (for degus who think they are spider monkeys).
  • Great for hand feeding walk by’s (treats through the slats).
  • Tedious to clean: scoop out the bottom (or remove tray) and wipe or spray down all bars & platforms.
  • There are a wide variety of styles from ferret, rat, bird cages are available at many locations.
Aquarium TankDegu Aquarium
  • Typically open only at the top which provides less air circulation.
  • To add cage accessories you must suction cup, glued, stand from base or hook over the top edge.
  • Bedding cannot “fly” out of a tank very easily.
  • Degus can’t chew on a flat glass surface (but they do go after the clue in the sides and the plastic at the top if they can reach it.
  • Allow a clear view of your fuzzy little friends at all times.
  • Cannot climb up the flat glass but will press their paws and nose up against it for attention.
  • You have to remove the cover in order to have any access to your degus.
  • Easy to clean, remove degus and toys and accessories and flip the tank on its side to dump out the dirty bedding into a trash bag. Then spray or wash the glass (inside and out).
  • It’s a pretty fixed price tank market out there but craigslist and no longer waterproof ones come at bargains if you are looking for em!