Too Busy to Exercise Your Dog?

Exercise Your DogSometimes, with the hectic nature of our schedules (work, business, kids, partners, school, friends, parents, hobbies-ha! who has time?…) we find it hard some days to work in time for our canine companions. This should not be the case but we live in reality. I know we don’t always have time for a walk or game of catch. However, with some creativity, we can often find ways to give the pooch a little exercise time. Remember, a dog who is not sufficiently engaged in physical activity is far more likely to present behavioral challenges. Here are five ideas for getting your dog out.

Use a Doggie Day Dare

This has become a popular solution for making sure your dog has social and exercise time. These are getting more and more popular and can be found in many cities now. Doggie day cares are not cheap solutions, but these can be a good solution. Make sure you research the place to know that they give quality care.

Consider a dog walker

This is not as expensive as a day care solution, but like the day care, a dog walker is not just exercising your dog, but giving him or her some face time, with other people and/or dogs. If you are not at home, you may have to give your dog walker access to your house so they can get your dog, so again, definitely check out the service before signing up so you find the right dog walker for you.

Have a neighbor spend time with your dog

If you have a neighbor that is a dog lover (or better yet, has a dog of their own), ask if he or she might occasionally play with your dog in the yard or take yours on a walk when they walk their own. You may have to reciprocate with checking their mail when they’re gone or maybe mowing their lawn one week, but your dog is worth it.

Have a friend or family member spend time with your dog

Ask – you might be surprised. We asked my brother-in-law – a social recluse if there ever was one – to keep our dog for a couple of weeks and he positively enjoyed the company and now comes over from time to time to play with Bronx. Who knew? Here’s another tact to try: I got my brother to walk our dog many days one summer so he could walk down this one block where several “honey’s” lived. My dog wasn’t complaining.

Have your kids play with the dog

Younger children don’t always have the wherewithal to walk a dog safely. But one thing kids and dogs know is playtime. Their playtime doesn’t have to be anything special or organized, just time for kids and dog to stretch their legs. Yes, playing Fetch is infinitely easier if the dog is actually trained to drop the ball upon retrieving. But even if he is not trained, kids and dogs will make up their own rules. As long as they get him running around the yard for 20 minutes, everyone is getting some exercise – and will sleep better!