Norfolk Terrier

The perfect apartment dog, the Norfolk Terrier!


Behavior common of the Norfolk Terrier

The Norfolk Terrier fits the personality typically thought of when one considers all terrier breeds. It is strong and fearless, loves its owner and delights in its independence. The Norfolk Terrier actually tends to be somewhat more social than many other terrier breeds since they were originally bred to be pack dogs. They can still be wary of outsiders and of other dogs but they do not bark nearly as much some other terriers do when  confronted with something new.

Norfolk Terriers are great family dogs. They consider the family to be part of their pack and want to be involved with the family as much as possible. Since they have such a good temperament and are thought to be much easier to train than other terriers, they make a perfect dog for someone who is a first time owner. They do require a good amount of exercise in order to keep them happy and involved. Daily walks and playtime should be enough to keep them happy. They are the perfect size for apartment living but should not be left alone too long as they will get bored and seek out trouble. They are also prone to chase and should not be left off a leash. They are actually better off with companion dogs to be part of the pack and to help to keep them quieter.

Appearance of the Norfolk Terrier

The Norfolk Terrier is one of the smallest of the terriers. It has very short legs and a wiry coat of hair. With dark oval eyes and a wedge-shaped head and muzzle, they have the typical terrier look. The hair they have is thicker and longer around their necks, throat and the base of their ears. They do have short hair on their heads but have long eyebrows and whiskers. The coat can be a variety of colors, including black and tan, grizzle or wheaten. Most of the breed is only nine or ten inches tall and weighs just eleven or twelve pounds at the most. Their coat is known for being weather-resistant and a bit shaggy and they actually have two coats. They feature a soft undercoat with a tough outer coat to help protect them.

Grooming your Norfolk Terrier

Even though the breed is known for its shaggy look, the Norfolk Terrier requires some grooming. The grooming will help significantly in keeping up the health of the coat. Brushing several times during the week with a metal comb or slick brush will help, but a Norfolk terrier should also be trimmed with thinning shears when their coat gets too long or thick. As with other breeds, bathing should be taken care of as it is needed.

History of the Norfolk Terrier

Originally from the east-central portion of England, the Norfolk Terrier can be traced back to the early part of the twentieth century. A cross breed of Glen of Imaal Terriers with a working terrier from Norwich area began the breed and it was then steadily crossbred across the entire region.  It was not long before the breed spread to North America, where it became known as the Jones Terrier for many years before being called the Norfolk Terrier. The Norwich Terrier and Norfolk Terrier are quite similar in appearance and can be tough to tell apart.