Introducing the Papillon!


Behavior common of the Papillon

The Papillon is renowned for having a wonderful spirit. They are always full of energy and just when you think they have run out they find a little bit more. They live to chase and run everywhere all the time but will happily take a break for some attention and love when you want to give it. They make great family dogs because they love to run and play with the kids all day long but also relish nap time with the children or adults.

Papillons are thought to be great for first time dog owners because they are so adaptable to so many situations. They are also fast learners and are easier to train. They learn very quickly and excel at obedience and agility. They love a daily walk and are easy to train to walk on a leash properly. They fit well with apartment life or house life. They are easily motivated by food and this can be a very effective training tool for you. The one personality flaw people see in the Papillon is that they can easily suffer from separation anxiety. They do not like to be left alone and benefit from an environment where someone is home with them often. Like other small dogs, they also can have barking issues that need to be worked on.

Appearance of the Papillon

The Papillon is a toy breed spaniel that has a very intelligent and alert look all the time. Their ears are their most distinguishing feature and it is from their ears that their name actually developed. Papillon is a French word meaning “butterfly” and this breed’s ears have the shape of a butterfly spreading its wings. They have a very fine coat that is silky, shiny and strong. They feature a plumed tail and have alert round eyes that are watching the action all the time. Papillons are mainly seen as parti-colored, and white is often the primary color of the dog as it mixes with a variety of other colors. The eyes and ears of the Papillon always have some color. Adult dogs only measure between eight and twelve inches and weigh between five and eleven pounds.

Grooming your Papillon

Grooming Papillons is fairly easy for people. Even though they have a long coat that looks like it would need a lot of maintenance, it does not. They do not have the typical dog odor that is seen in many breeds and with regular brushing a few times a week you can get away with only bathing them as it is really needed. Their coat does not mat often but the brushing will help the oils of the skin distribute to help the coat remain healthy. An occasional trim may be needed but you may be able to do this at home.

History of the Papillon

The origins of the Papillon remain something of a mystery. Some say they have their origins in the toy breeds famous in Asia while others believe they descend from the miniature spaniels that were popular in Europe.  There is evidence of the breed going back to the 1200s in Europe when tiny spaniels were popular. The Papillon is a more modern version of this and can be found in a number of painting dating back hundreds of years. The breed was quite popular in France among the aristocracy and royalty for hundreds of years but did not make its way to England until 1901. Shortly after, it was found in the United States, where it remains popular today.