Parson Russell Terrier (Smooth)

Meet the Parson Russell Terrier!


Behavior common of the Parson Russell Terrier

The Parson Russell Terrier likes to think it is a much bigger dog than it actually is in size. They abound with energy all day and night long and never seem to run out. They have a lot of spirit and are known to be fearless and will try anything once. This often causes them to get into a lot of trouble and mischief if they are not kept in check. They are easily trained and are famous for being able to jump very high. When brought up with children they are amazing family dogs who love and protect the children.

Even though they are small dogs, Parson Russell Terriers do not make good dogs for small places like apartments. They have lots of energy and need to be able to run often. Keeping them in a small space like an apartment can be a recipe for disaster and lead to a lot of destruction. If you have a Parson, you need to be sure you have a yard with a good, high fence. These dogs have no problem taking off after other animals like squirrels or cats and will even try to chase down cars and bikes. They need supervision because they are excellent diggers and dig their way under a fence.

Lots of activities like walking and playing and even some digging activities can make a big difference. Parson Russell Terriers train easily if you keep them interested. If you do not hold their interest they can be quite stubborn.  They have the same barking trait as many terriers, but with training and socialization this can be worked on.

Appearance of the Parson Russell Terrier

The Parson Russell Terrier strongly resembles a Fox Terrier as they are very small and agile and very athletic. They feature a flat skull with eyes that are almond shaped and ears that are V-shaped. They have a double coat that can be either broken or smooth and can be in a variety of colors. They have a small chest and very strong and muscular legs that help them with their digging. They are normally thirteen or fourteen inches in height and weigh about thirteen to seventeen pounds. Their coats feature a coarse texture and their face can sometimes have a small beard.

Grooming your Parson Russell Terrier

Whether your Parson Russell Terrier has a broken coat or a smooth coat, you will want to be sure to perform regular brushing to help the coat stay free of mats and tangles. This will also help to cut down on any shedding and leave less hair around your home. If you do regular brushing this breed will rarely ever need any type of bathing. A Parson with a broken coat usually needs to be stripped of the coat twice a year in order to insure the coat will maintain the proper texture.

History of the Parson Russell Terrier

The Parson Russell Terrier was originally known as the Jack Russell Terrier. It is only recently that they have distinguished the two as separate breeds. The Parson is primarily the show dog version of the Jack Russell. This breed first appeared in England in the early part of the 1800s. It was strictly known as the Jack Russell Terrier for all those years until 1980, when the two breeds were split in order to set different standards for the breeds.