Poodle (Toy)

Introducing the Poodle!


Behavior common of the Poodle

The Phalene is very similar to the Papillon in every way but appearance. As a toy dog, they are friendly, lively and playful in nature and can seem very animated at times. As much as they like to run and play, they also like to cuddle.  They are known to be very affectionate and obedient and unlike many other small dogs they are not prone to excessive barking and yapping. When they are socialized with other small pets like cats they are known to get along quite well with them.

Training a Phalene can generally go well and be quite easy as they are smart and obedient and are quick to learn. The one area where many people seem to struggle with this breed is with housetraining. For this reason, crating early on may be the best approach until the dog is housebroken. With the right amount of exercise and socialization, you should not have any trouble at all with this breed as far as it being calm and approachable and good with children.

Appearance of the Poodle

Phalenes look exactly like a Papillon with one very distinct difference that separates the two breeds. A Phalene is known to have a different look when it comes to its ears. Papillons are well-known for having the butterfly look to their ears. A Phalene will have drop ears instead of those that stand up all the time. For this reason, there is a distinction between the two types.

Other than the ears, the two breeds look alike. The Phalene is very small, normally only reaching eight to eleven inches in height and weighing seven to ten pounds. They have a small head and muzzle with very dark, round eyes and a long tail that curls back over the body and is covered with long hair. It is single coated with frills on the ears, chest, tail and backs of the legs and is most often white with patches of a variety of other colors.

Grooming your Poodle

The Phalene needs daily brushing and combing in order to maintain its look. Because of its long, silky hair, brushing is needed to help prevent any mats from forming or tangles occurring in the hair. This breed is known for being odorless and does not need to be bathed often at all. Many owners simply give a dry bath or use dry shampoo when it is needed. The Phalene sheds on about an average level and regular brushing will help control this.

History of the Poodle

The Phalene and the Papillon are both considered part of the same breed known as the Continental Toy Spaniel. It is historically a breed from France dating back some seven hundred years and was kept by French royalty. Often referred to as a Toy Spaniel, the Phalene is usually classed as separate from the Papillon because of their ears even though both breeds can be born in the same exact litter. Depending on the standards being followed for show dogs in Europe or the United States is what is often used to determine what this particular breed is referred to as.