Pro Empire Dog Crate


Do you have a dog that loves to escape when you are not watching them? If you do, then there is a good chance that you need an escape proof dog crate to make sure they are safe and that the rest of your house is safe from their puppy search search and destroy mission. My favorite and many other dog loves have been recommending the ProSelect Empire Dog Crate.

This is going to be a review of this crate that is built to be incredible strong and keep your pet safe for years to come.

Pro Empire Dog Crate Review

You can be sure that your dog will not break out of this one. It is made of steel tubing with large stress point welding which ensures that the latches are strong! The finish on this bad boy means that you can even use it outside because it is rust resistant (although do not leave your dog in the rain!).

The grate and tray on the bottom make this crate very easy to clean as well.

Some people have asked if this crate is easy to move. It is very heavy but since it comes with rolling wheels, you can move this cage all around your house or garage with ease. Some people have had their old crate hurt their floor from the door coming down on it. Since this one sits off the floor a bit, your carpet will never be scratched or ruined.

The ProSelect Empire crate comes in two sizes, 42 inches and 37 inches. If you have a larger dog, then you should get the bigger crate. From the reviews on Amazon, most people got the smaller size, but please do not put your larger dog in a small crate.

If you want to get the 42″ crate, then here are the measurements:

  • Dimensions Inside: 40 3/4″ length by 28 1/8″ Width by 31 3/4″ height.

If you are interested in the smaller crate, here are the measurements:

  • Dimensions Inside: 35 3/4″ length by 24 1/2″ height by 23 1/2″ width.

The crate that we are recommending is very easy to assemble and will not take more than a few minutes of reading the instructions that should come with the crate.

This is currently being sold on Amazon and over 100 people have bought it and rated it. The ratings are very high with an average 4.6 stars out of 5 which is a large satisfaction for all dog owners who wanted to protect their pets.

Owners have commented that their dog really loves the crate and feel at ease while others made them nervous. Some dogs like to destroy weaker crates but this one is so strong they do not stand a chance so they just do not attempt it.

Some people also mentioned that they were not happy with this product because it arrived damaged in some way. If you have ever bought anything offline, you know that they do not always arrive perfect, and this is not the fault of the company you bought it from, but the shipping company who delivered it. Since this product has such high reviews, the other people are probably just upset that they got a crate that was not working properly because of shipping error.

A very very few amount of purchases said that this was not heavy duty enough for their dog. I do not know what kind of animal they must be attempting to put in this crate, but this is as strong as they come. Read some of the reviews yourself and you will see what I am talking about.

Overall, this is the best heavy duty dog crate that money can buy. If you have an escape artist dog, or just need some extra protection, this is what you are looking for. Most reviews have been extremely positive and dog lovers are loving the peace of mind they get with this product. Feel free to go look at it yourself!