Wicker Dog Crates

Wicker dog crates are best if you have a dog that isn't likely to try to break out of his kennel. Another benefit is that they look a lot nicer than a plastic travel kennel or a wire cage. If you're kennel isn't going to be in a mudroom and you want to add to the aesthetic of the room it is in, then we can help you figure out the best wicker dog crate for your dog.

Remember, your dog's teeth can chew right through wicker - even smaller breeds can do this. For a lot of dogs, all it takes for them to escape is a hole in the material that they can squeeze their head through and then they can push enough to squeeze their body through. Even if you have the perfect wicker dog crate, your dog escaping from his cage is all it takes for you to come home to all of your plants tipped over.

Mr Herzer's wicker dog crate is
a super popular option.
One of the nice parts about it
is that the door opens inward
and stays out of the way.

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