Breaking Up a Dog Fight Without Getting Hurt

Safely Break Up A Dog FightA dog fight is a very scary thing. Sometimes, a dominant dog may try to fight against another dog – this can be extremely scary for the owner. Be warned that breaking up a dog fight is often extremely dangerous and can lead to serious harm on your behalf – hopefully this blog post should give you a better understanding of avoiding harm when your canine is in a fight.

Prevent Fights

A good idea is to try and prevent fights in the first place. If you’re walking in a busy dog park, and your pup can get a little feisty at times, keep him on a leash. Although not too common, fights can sometimes start from rough play. If two dogs are ‘playfully’ fighting, keep a close eye on them and be ready to intervene before things get nasty.

If you see your canine showing off to another dog through posturing their body with stiff legs and a high tail, you should never run to, or shout at, the dog to stop anything happening. We see this happening quite often, but more often than not it will trigger the fight to start. Most of the time, dogs will settle their posturing battle without an actual fight, so it isn’t worth stepping in – if you do something which will touch a nerve of either dog, a fight will start. If anything does commence, be sure to follow our method as shown below.

Find Some Help If You Can

It’s extremely important to note that if you don’t want to get hurt, you’re going to require two people – if you try to do this by yourself, there’s a huge chance it won’t work and you’ll end up with a few nasty bites. We understand that two dogs fighting can be awfully distressing, but if you are by yourself, it’s best to leave them at it. Trying to distract them with loud shouting and clapping probably won’t work either, and your canine may not take lightly to it.

Another important note: if you don’t have a leash with you while the dogs are fighting, go and get one and allow the fight to continue. You will absolutely need a leash after you’ve broken the fight up, since you won’t be able to control a dog in high fight drive.

When it’s possible, each of the two people should tightly grasp onto the back feet or lower legs of a single dog – remember, one dog each, not both at once. Then, each dog should be lifted up by the legs to about a 45-degree angle and pulled apart. You’ll want to make sure that both people should act at the same – otherwise, there is still a high chance of receiving a bite. We would recommend that you don’t spend too much time thinking about it, but still make sure it’s safe to go. Again, if you don’t do it properly then you risk being harmed.

Keep the Dogs Apart

Once you’ve broken up the fight, it’s important to keep them from fighting again. It is absolutely critical that not even one of the dogs are released since the fight will start again.

Also, it’s a good idea for both of the people to turn in a circle while they are holding the canine. The dog will have to sidestep using his front feet or his face will fall to the floor – this is very important, else he would have a chance to curl and strike at the person. As long as the person continues to turn in a circle with their dog, then no damage will be done.

Once both of the dogs have calmed down, we wouldn’t recommend letting them see each other for a few hours. You may want to place one of them in a cage, or just place the canines in separate rooms. If you’re outside or in a dog park, you should put a leash on your dog and walk him out of sight from the other dog.

Although this method isn’t necessarily simple and does require some assistance, we’d say it is by far the safest method for the all of the people and the canines involved.

Remember, This is a Dangerous Situation and You Need to Respond Properly

Although your natural instincts may try and tell you otherwise, you should never rush in to break up a fight between two canines. When two dogs are fighting, they will not think clearly – if they are grabbed, they will bite without thinking. Even if your dog is the most loving animal you’ve ever met, he won’t have time to recognise it’s you in the fight so natural instincts will tell him to attack you as well. We cannot stress how important it is to not try and break up a fight alone unless you are an expert.

We have heard others converse about shock collars being used to break up a fight between two canines. Keep in mind that this will hardly ever work, since it will simply add to the dogs already-increasing fight drive. Even if you use a shock collar to train your dog and it works well, you still should never try and use it to break up a fight.