Dog Sit/Stay CommandThe “Sit/Stay” command is such a useful skill for your dog to have, even for playtime! You have more choices of games your can play, like Hide-and-Seek or Red-Light/Green-Light and the games can last longer.  If you want to get your dog into other activities like Agility or Carting or other dog sports, the Sit/Stay command has to mastered first.

There are several ways to teach a dog to Stay, some work better than others depending on your dog’s energy and motivation.  Here is one method from WikiHow using treats.

  1. Stand in front of your dog. You want your dog to be completely focused on you, and in a position to hear you and see you clearly. Stand in front of him so that he is facing you.
  2. Show the dog a treat. Hold it in your hand and put it close to the dog’s nose. He will be very curious about how he should go about getting the treat from your hand. You should now have his full attention.
  3. Move the treat from the dog’s nose to behind his head. He’ll follow the treat with his nose, looking upward and in the process placing his bottom on the ground.
    1. Be sure the dog isn’t able to nip the treat from your hand. You can hold it in your closed fist if necessary.
    2. You’ll need to hold the treat close enough to the dog’s head so that he won’t try to jump up to get it. Keep it low enough to the ground that he’ll sit.
  4. Say “Sit” as the dog’s bottom drops to the ground.
  5. Reward him with a treat when he sits.
  6. Praise your dog abundantly and give your pet a treat for any movement that resembles the Sit position.
  7. Release your dog from the “Sit” position using the words “Release” or “Free” command.
  8. Repeat the trick for 10 minutes. After awhile he may get bored, so take a break and resume training the next day. Continue working on the trick until your dog is able to sit on command without needing a treat.