A Walkthrough of Great Outdoor Kennel Flooring Options


used throughout the searing summer months and the frosty winter season. It’s a place for your furry friend to run, play, nap, and eat. It’s a place where you should your dog should be safe, secure and comfortable. Of course, we’re talking about your furry companion’s outdoor kennel.

Many dog owners find that an outdoor kennel is an absolute essential for taking care of their dogs. It gives them ample moving space while keeping them protected in the outdoors, so you can feel reassured that your furry friend is doing just fine. One of the most important parts of an outdoor kennel is the flooring you choose to use in it. It may seem like a small factor, but that’s definitely not the case.

There are so many things to ask yourself when choosing which outdoor kennel flooring you want. Is the product within your budget? Will it withstand wear and tear outdoors? Is it soft enough for your dog to lounge on, or should you also order a kennel mat? What makes one option better than another one? This can definitely make any dog owner feel flabbergasted when trying to make a decision.

So, we did some research to check out the popular types of outdoor kennel flooring. We read about the features, scrutinized customer reviews, and more. This is how the list below was created, and it’s perfect for you if you’re feeling indecisive. We choose six popular types of kennel flooring material that are known for their high quality. These unique dog kennel flooring tiles and mats have a lot to offer any dog owner. Read on to learn about these options to choose the one that’s right for you.

Pet Zen Garden Premium Synthetic Grass Rubber Backed with Drainage Holes


researching outdoor kennel flooring, we noticed that many photos featured synthetic grass (AKA turf). After doing some reading, it became clear that this is quite a popular choice for dog owners. This low-maintenance option is designed to hold up outdoors, but it offers many more features. Some examples include the following:

  • Pet Zen Garden Premium Synthetic Grass is available in sizes that cover as little as three square feet and as much as 304 square feet. Needless to say, this makes it incredibly easy to pick the size that you need. Whether you’ve got a modest outdoor kennel or a large kennel run, you’re all set.
  • The synthetic grass has a soft, lush feel to it, but it has the appearance of natural grass. The unique multi-toned material and pattern makes it look incredibly realistic. However, you don’t have to worry about your dog itching and scratching when he spends time on this cozy material.
Outdoor Kennel Flooring Pet Zen Garden Premium Synthetic Grass
  • The back of the mat is rubber and features drainage holes. This makes cleaning up spills and other messes a breeze, and you don’t have to worry about odor-causing liquids piling up on the flooring.
  • This product has hundreds of positive and trustworthy reviews on Amazon. The top customer reviews featured detailed paragraphs explaining the benefits of the product. They are true testaments to how well this outdoor kennel flooring holds up.

Rubber Cal Elephant Bark Floor Mat

Outdoor Kennel Flooring Rubber Cal Elephant Bark Floor Mat


kennel flooring mats are a prime choice for both indoor and outdoor dog kennel flooring and platforms. You’ve likely seen us mention them before, and that’s because this diverse material is an incredibly popular option. The benefits to consider are virtually endless. However, we pinpointed some specific features of this particular product:

  • Rubber Cal Elephant Bark Floor mat comes in over one dozen different sizes. These options vary between four by four feet and four by 25 feet. The mat is 3/16 of an inch thick.
  • This product is eco-friendly and made from recycled rubber materials. You can reduce waste and feel good about making a ‘green’ choice if you use this flooring.
  • You have six unique color options to choose from. The default option is all black, but you can choose from black with colorful spots. The options are Blue Dot, Blue Steel, Candy Corn, Red Dot, and Green Dot.
  • Installation is as simple as it can possibly get. All you need to do is buy a double sided adhesive of your choice; this should only cost you a few dollars or so. You simply attach the adhesive and put the flooring down wherever you’d like.
  • This product has nearly 100 reviews, and almost every single one is positive. It’s pretty unusual for any product to have such perfect feedback, but the reviews seem very genuine. Gym owners, garage users, and pet lovers alike rave about using this flooring because it’s durable, affordable, and easy to install.

K9 Kennel Basic Yard Kennel Tile Flooring System


flooring for kennels is another option that frequently popped up during our research. Rubber tiles are particularly popular because they’re low-maintenance and easily customizable. In many ways, this frustration-free option seems like the easiest solution. We choose K9 Kennel Basic Yard Kennel Tile Flooring System for the following reasons:

  • The surface of these tiles features a diamond non-slip texture. This makes them ideal for outdoor use and kennel use. Whether it’s raining or your dog has an accident, the last thing you want is slippery flooring. The diamond textured pattern can reduce the chances of such problems.
  • The tiles are very easy for anyone to put together. They simply snap together – no adhesive or tools are necessary. This also makes it easy to add or remove tiles if you want or need to.
  • This material is a breeze to clean. Sweep it. Mop It. Wipe it down with a rag and cleaner. It’s all up to you! Cleanup is far from complex, so you can easily keep these tiles in good shape.
  • Though this product is new to Amazon, it has incredible reviews across the Internet. On WayFair, the product has nearly perfect reviews, and other sites are similar. Simply search the name of this high-quality product, and you’ll find honest and detailed feedback.
Outdoor Kennel Flooring K9 Kennel Basic Yard Kennel Tile Flooring System

Rubber-Cal “Dura-Chef Interlock” Anti-Fatigue Rubber Matting

Outdoor Kennel Flooring Rubber-Cal Anti-Fatigue Matting


is another type of tile flooring for kennels, but the style is quite different than the option featured above. The similarities include tiles that easily lock together, and they are both made of durable material. Aside from that, this product has several unique aspects to it. Here are some of them for you to consider:

  • Rubber-Cal Anti-Fatigue mats were originally designed to relieve pressure for people who work on their feet all day. They are commonly found in restaurant kitchens, but they’re becoming more and more common in dog kennels. Kennel flooring for dogs should provide comfort while also being sturdy, and this product fits the bill.
  • Large circular holes in each square make drainage an absolute breeze. If your dog tips his bowl of water or has a bathroom-related accident, it can simply drain out of his kennel. That means fewer messes and odors for you to deal with.
  • This product is made from non-slip rubber. If it rains or there’s moisture outside, it’s common for kennel flooring to become slippery. This feature can reduce the chances of falls, keeping both you and your furry friend safe.

Raised Dog Kennel – Dog Run Flooring


of dozens of outdoor kennel flooring ideas, this one definitely stood out to us. Raised Dog Kennel Flooring is quite popular due to the numerous benefits it offers. If you look at photos of outdoor kennels with kennel decking, you’ll see how creative you can get using this simple material! We want to highlight certain features of this particular option offered by K9 Kennel Store on Amazon:

  • You can choose from six different size options with this product. They range between two feet by four feet and eight feet by eight feet. You can also easily buy multiples of the product to create a large floor that suits your needs.
  • This raised dog kennel flooring is made from polyethylene that is high-density. This is the most popular type of plastic, and it’s pretty rigid and strong. It’s also resistant to chemical and moisture damage, so using it outdoors is ideal.
  • The raised style protects your dog during inclement weather. For example, the hot sun can make concrete hot. Rain can make mud and grass turn into a huge mess. Snow poses a big threat for any type of animal that’s not used to being outdoors 24/7. When your furry friend is lounging on raised decking, you may feel much more secure about his well-being outdoors.
Outdoor Kennel Flooring Raised Dog Kennel - Dog Run Flooring

Kennel Deck

Outdoor Kennel Flooring Kennel Deck


mentioned above, elevated kennel flooring is quite popular when it comes to outdoor kennel flooring options. Kennel Floor Decking is one specific option that frequently popped up in our search for different types of outdoor kennel flooring material. Though many types of this decking are similar, each one definitely has unique features. We are eager to feature this product by Kennel Deck due to the specific pros that it offers:

  • This kennel decking is made from another popular type of plastic called polypropylene. It’s weather-resistant and durable like polyethylene, so you can feel confident about how well it’ll hold up.
  • The top of the product features a stylish herringbone texture that doubles as a non-skid surface. This nice, neat texture looks great and prevents your dog from slipping. This is ideal if you’ve got an older dog or if it’s raining outside.
  • The light color of the product can reflect heat. As you may know, lighter colors reflect heat while darker colors absorb them. This lightly colored flooring is great if your dog spends time lounging in the sun. Of course, providing water and shade is still always necessary!
  • This kennel flooring has some fantastic buyer reviews on Amazon. One user says that it’s a nice decking that “snaps together easily”, and he/she used it to make an outdoor ‘catio’ (cat patio). Another user who gives it five stars says it’s durable, easy to connect, and it looks nice.

Six Top Notch Outdoor Kennel Flooring Options – The Choice Is Yours


that you’ve read our list of options, you can choose which one is right for you. As you can see, we made sure to highlight unique features, customer feedback, and everything else you may need to consider. Our goal is to help you make a well-informed buying decision. That way you can choose an outdoor kennel flooring material that you feel good about and one that your dog will enjoy.

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We look forward to reading about your experiences with using different outdoor kennel flooring materials. Have you used a product that we’ve already listed? If so, your feedback on it is sincerely appreciated. We’d even love to hear any critiques and recommendations for other options. This will allow us and your fellow readers to choose the best possible flooring. So feel free to comment and share your outdoor kennel flooring experience with us!