Small Dogs

Small dog breeds come in many different types. In fact, there are over 90 small dogs that we have profiles on. Continue reading to read about the different breed personalities, traits, and profiles of each breed. There is sure to be the perfect match for you or your family.

Top Ten Small Dog Breeds

Simple Guide To Choosing the Right Small Breed

When buying a small breed, you want to make sure that the dog you buy behaves and acts in a way that you like. This is why it is very important not to buy a pet just on the breeds appearance.

To help you out with this, I put together a small guide to hit the main points of buying small dogs.

How small is small? What size do you actually want?

If you are looking at buying dog breeds that are small, then you are generally looking for a companion that is going to be shorter than 15 inches tall and weighs less than 23 pounds. The dogs that I characterize as small breeds generally fall within this range but some will be a bit heavier and others will be a lot lighter. Do not worry though, they are still considered small dogs. Medium dogs will be covered in a completely separate guide.

Such small breeds that may fall at the ends of the spectrum are the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the Chihuahua. Mostly, we cover pure breeds but you may be interested in hybrid breeds such as the Pomeranian Husky. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier comes in at around 25 to 35 pounds and is generally about 15 inches tall. This is on the heavier side but is still considered a small dog. On the other hand, the Chihuahua is extremely small, standing only 5 to 10 inches tall and weighing at max 8 pounds, generally much less.

I mention both of these breeds because the choice you need to make is what size of small dog you want to get. Do you want an extremely small, normal range or dog that is on the heavier side? If you put thought into which direction you want to go, I am sure you will be happy with whatever you decide to go with.

Small Dog Trainability: Different Characteristics of Each Breed

Every dog, including small breeds of dogs, can be trained to learn certain commands. Some breeds learn commands at a faster pace than others. Some breeds are a bit slower and will require more of your patience to train them properly.

With this being said, you need to take into consideration how patient you are and if you will have the time to train the puppy you choose. If you want a good obedient puppy and have little to no patience like some, then look for a high rating in the trainability rating and you should also consider hiring a trainer.

Remember To Consider Shedding

One of the great thing about some small dog breeds is that they really do not shed hair. Even the small breeds that shed just a little bit, you would be hard pressed to find any hair inside your residence. If you are like me and do not like to take the time to clean up any hair, then these small breeds might just be perfect for you.

There are going to, of course, be some that will shed a little to a moderate amount of dog hair. This means that you will start seeing hair around your house and will need to clean up after them but it will not be an everyday occurrence.

Last but not least there are going to be the breeds that seem to never stop shedding. There will be hair everywhere. If you happen to get one of these breeds, you need to be cleaning up fur every day or else it will get absolutely everywhere; your clothes, couch, chair, kitchen, you name it! If hair does not bother you at all, feel free to get one of these breeds. If you do care, stick with a medium or little to no shedding breed.

Good With Children?

If you are looking for a pet that is going to be great with children, many small dogs are a good choice.

You need to be realistic when you are considering what dog breeds would be best around small children. If a child is going to be very rough or tease a dog, the fact is that there is going to be a risk of getting bit. It is a natural instinct to bite and defend himself if his ear or hair is being pulled.

Knowing this, make sure to be responsible and give your children proper supervision around the little guy. Teach them to be gentle and chances are that your child and the dog will become great friends!

Grooming! Are you ready to keep your dog looking good?

Since the small dogs are.. well.. small, there are only 2 things to worry about with any small dog breed. These are vacuuming and brushing. Some of my favorite breeds require little no maintenance at all and just like being brushed sometimes. There is no need to vacuum up hair with these types of breeds.

If you get a breed that has longer hair, you are going to need to brush the dog daily so the coat does not become tangled. If you keep the dogs fur clipped short, you can avoid this step altogether. If you want to clip the hair, it only takes ten to thirty minutes every few months so it is not that time consuming.

Looking for a good watchdog? Want him to alert at signs of trouble?

While it is very unlikely that any of the little dog breeds will scare off an intruder, many of the little guys make good guard dogs because of all the howling and barking they will do if a stranger enters your house. Some of the small breeds will bark more than others when it comes to being a guard dog. This is because some are more highly alert while others are not. No matter what kind you pick, you should be happy with their ability to create noise in this situation.

Worried about allergies? Need to find a Hypoallergenic Small Dog Breed?

Some people think that it is the dog hair that causes the allergies. It is actually the dead skin or “dander” from the pooch that causes the allergy symptoms. These come off your dog, go through the hair and are then inhaled or come in contact with your nose or eyes and causing itching.

The fact of the matter is that all dogs have skin, so they will all produce this dander, which means no one is safe! The good news, though, is that since little dogs are so small, they have a lot less surface area of their skin so they will not produce nearly as much as a larger dog.