1024px-Degu-RudiProtect Your Degus Feet


When we upgraded our degu’s tank I was concerned about bumblefoot. We used cardboard at first but that go destroyed pretty quickly – not to mention that it was ugly and noisy.

Kiln-dried Pine Board?

We added a spare kiln-dried pine board too. Then after a few days Rascal discovered it was wood and he could chew right through it and kick it all out on the floor so that I had to sweep in front of their cage and clean it constantly.

Straw Mats.

Then while at Petco I picked up some straw mats. I’d seen them before but hadn’t given my degus anything straw before. I got a 2 pack of 5″ x 5″ straw mats and my degus are now always laying and napping on them! Look at the two of them on the straw mats!

Photos (click to enlarge)
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