Your new best friend the Tibetan Terrier!


The Tibetan terrier is a medium-sized dog breed that is native to the nation of Tibet. Despite its name, the breed is not a member of the terrier group. It acquired the name “terrier” because it resembles others members of the terrier group. The breed has been in existence for close to 2000 years. It was primary bred for good luck charms, companionship and as watchdogs. The dog was also used to herd sheep and to retrieve items that fell on the mountain sides.

Behavior common of the Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan terrier, whose nickname is the Holy Dog or Luck Bringers, have a smart, pleasant and affectionate personality. Although the dog is quite gentle, it is dedicated towards family members. It however acts cautiously or reservedly towards strangers. Puppies are often active and lively but they settle down as they mature.

They are exceptional watchdogs and will not hesitate to bark when they see anything suspicious. Like most other breeds, Tibetan terriers abhor loneliness; they like being with the people they love.

Appearance of the Tibetan Terrier

The powerful, small dog breed has a shaggy coat. They vary greatly in both height and weight ranging from 35 to 41 centimeters (14 to 16 inches) and 8 to 14 kilograms (18 to 30 pounds). They have large eyes that are fairly set part. Their bodies are well muscled and compact. Mature breeds look like miniaturized ancient English sheepdogs.

The most important fact to note is that the heavy coat is designed to help the pet survive extremely cold temperatures.

Tibetan terriers come in a wide range of colors, some solid and others shades. The most common colors are grey, black, white, tri-color, piebald, and golden.

Grooming your Tibetan Terrier

The dog’s hair has a long growth cycle. As a result, they have a long coat that requires constant grooming. Regular grooming ensures that the coat does not develop tangles. Unlike other breeds with short coats, Tibetan terriers do not shed significant amount of hair.

History of the Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan terriers originated from the land of Tibet. They were raised in monasteries by lamas close to 2000 years ago. The lamas treasured the dog and used it for a number of purposes. Most importantly, the dog, also called Luck Bringer, was used as a good luck charm. Besides this role, it is believed that the lamas used Tibetan terriers as companions, watchdogs, and mascots. Additionally, the dog was used to retrieve objects that fell down the steep rocky mountains of Tibet. Today, Tibetan terriers are spread throughout the world but are more concentrated in North America.