Taking Your Dog to the Park

Taking Your Dog to the ParkDog parks can be a great place to take your dog for exercise and socialization provided they are well constructed, well maintained and well monitored.  Proper etiquette for both humans and dogs is important in determining whether or not your local dog park is a safe and enjoyable place for both dogs and people. Here are 3 things you need to do before taking your dog to a dog park for that much-needed dog exercise.

1. Scout or check the dog park first.

Before you take your dog to the park for the first time, stop by alone for a few minutes to check out the surroundings and get a feel for the culture of the park. When you take your dog for the first time, try to go at a non-peak usage time so both of you can get acquainted with the area without being stressed out and distracted by other animals and people. If you see unruly dogs that are not being controlled by their owners proceed to plan B which is taking your dog for a long hike.

2. Be prepared.

It is best to bring water and doggy waste bags as well as an extra leash just in case what your dog is wearing breaks. Don’t bring any food. There are dog parks that prohibit all food. This includes food people are eating or dog treats/food of any kind (homemade are great).  Food, along with other valuable items (such as pig ears, rawhide and toys), increase the likelihood of aggressive behavior in the group.

3. Be sure your dog is a good fit.

Not every dog is a good candidate for going to a dog park. If your dog has a serious behavior problem or is uncomfortable around other dogs or people then you may want to avoid taking him to the park unless you invest in obedience classes or other training strategies. Dogs with issues such as these should be socialized more carefully and intentionally than in the unstructured environment of a dog park. To have a good experience and be fair to others visiting the park, your dog should be social and reasonably confident, not aggressive, and obedient to at least basic commands.

Dog parks can be a godsend to people who need a place to give their dog some freedom while still being able to control them. They can be a perfect spot for giving your dog exercise and socialization, or they can be a nightmare where you and your dog might be traumatized or hurt. The outcome of your trip to the dog park depends primarily on you. If you understand the etiquette rules required at the dog park and follow them, then the dog park will be the best place for you to take your best friend.

Dog parks are great For Healthy And Happy DogsDog Park Etiquette

It is a great place for our dogs to socialize and get their daily exercise. There are dog park rules that we should always remember before taking
our pets to the dog park these dog park rules are intended to keep our pets safe and healthy. Before taking your pet to the park for his
dog exercise here are some rules to remember:

1. Keep an eye on your dog.

Always pay attention and know where your dog is and what your dog is up to at all times.  Some inconsiderate folks just let their dog off leash, sit down to read the paper or start chatting with others and ignore what their dog is doing.  This leads to unsafe conditions, attacks, annoying of people or other dogs, missed poops, accidents, escapes, injuries, and even a small dog being carried off by an eagle or hawk.

2. Pick up your dog’s “deposit”.

Remember the saying “A park filled with poo is fun for a few.” Most dog parks have poop bags available. If you can’t find any you can start saving newspaper bags and bring them along. In case you can’t find your dog’s deposit, pick up one you can find that somebody else left behind. Unfortunately, there’s always poop to be picked up.  It’s just plain rude to let your dog leave something behind.  And it’s the number one complaint of non-dog owners who object to dog parks.

Seriously, bags to clean up after your dog are a must.
3. Ensure that your dog is healthy, licensed and up to date on vaccinations, heartworm medication and flea or tick preventives.

This is one of the best ways to avoid infecting other dogs or your dog getting infected with communicable diseases from other dogs in the park.

Dog parks are so wonderful and when we follow the general rules of safety and courtesy, we can keep them open, make wonderful new friends for ourselves and our dogs, and continue to have the time of our and our dogs lives. That’s what dog parks should be a fun and great environment for our dogs. It should be a great place for our dogs to get exercise and socialize with other dogs.