Here’s Some Fun Homes For Your DeguCool Chewable Degu/Hamster House

I came upon Trixie pet products completely by accident on Amazon one day.

They make some fantastic small animal/hamster houses and have lots of larger sized houses for guinea pigs and rabbits.

You know what that means! Our favorite critters, degus, can use these houses that are the perfect sizes for them!

Most degus are a bit bigger than a hamster but a little smaller than a full grown guinea pig. So when buying for your degu remember to go a little bigger – they’ll run plan and jump on it anyways. hehe 🙂

I contacted the Trixie manufacturers to find out what kind of wood they use, I get nervous when products are labeled vaguely like ‘chewable natural soft wood’. Since we know our little degus love to chew on everything (even plastic water bottles)! They assured me the homes are all made from a kind of Chinese pine tree and are free of harmful chemicals and are just fine for little degus too chew on – even the bark.