Unique Pet-Owning Personalities: How Personality Affects Relationships

Pet-owning experiences can affect how people treat others in varying relationships.

Recently, I attended a book party of Tracy McMillan. McMillan is a television writer whose credits include Mad MenUnited States of Tara and the American version of Life on Mars. Her newest book, entitled Why You’re Not Married Yet, provides women with the straight talk about understanding who they are and how to get out of their way (so to speak) to find a mate. In chapter titles such as “You’re Shallow,” “You’re Crazy,” “You’re a Mess,” “You’re a Dude,” Tracy identifies personality types, remarks on how their behavior has been detrimental to getting what they want and provides advice as to how they can adjust their conduct to develop a winning strategy. Beyond the idea of finding a mate, McMillan’s advice can be applied to life as a whole. Her book helps readers have better relationships with friends, family and others.

Pet Owner PersonalitiesAfter reading McMillan’s book, I started thinking  about the people with whom I spend the most time. Since I have so many animals and work in the pet industry, most of the people that I know are pet owners, specifically dog owners. In many cases, their pet-owning experience affects how they treat others.

Since reading McMillan’s book, I have been inspired to identify some unique, dog-owning personality types and give advice on how they can help themselves to have better relationships with others.

Do you know these dog-owning personalities types? If you do, do you agree with my advice?

1. Love Me, Love My Dog

This person takes her dog everywhere and doesn’t bother to ask. She truly believes that if you love her, you will accept her dog.

Advice: If you are a Love Me, Love My Dog personality type, recognize that not everyone loves your dog as much as you do. Moreover, you need to be considerate of friends, family and others when it comes to your pet. Ask yourself: are you using your dog as a crutch? Do you want folks to focus on him and not you? So the next time you receive a social invitation, don’t insist on bringing your four-legged friend. Just leave your dog at home and enjoy the human company without him! Please don’t hound your hostess about why your pooch was not invited. If you are dogged about this course of action, eventually, you will stop receiving invitations, and you will have you wish: you and your dog will end up spending all of your time together.

2. Dog Moms and Dog Dads

They dress their dogs to the K-9s. These Dog Moms and Dog Dads have competitive personalities like the parents on Toddlers and Tiaras except they dress better at events, fundraisers and beauty pageants. They also have the uncanny knack of holding up their dogs up to their faces to be photographed.

Advice: If you are a Dog Mom or Dog Dad that is a A-listers or a social climber on the canine fashion scene, ask yourself if you are dressing up my dog because (s)he likes it or you want to get noticed? Instead of holding your dog all the time, try this: put your dog down and let him interact with other dogs. (S)he might be shy at first, but then again, (s)he almost never interacts with dogs. Don’t be surprised if (s)he makes four-legged friends. If her outfit gets a little disheveled, don’t be upset with your dog – she’s having fun! While she is grounded, strike up a conversation with another “Dog Mom” or “Dog Dad”, and get to know other pet parents. When the focus is not about how good you and your dog look, but about having a good time, you will have fun.

3. Dogblivious

This pet owner personality type conveniently never lives in the moment and tends not to be bothered by her dog’s bad behavior. Don’t expect her to pick-up dog poop – she didn’t realize that her dog went to bathroom. Yeah-right?

Advice: Are you frequently distracted? Are you just so absorbed in your own self thoughts that you fail to listen to others? Whether you are truly dogblivious or just don’t care, as a dog owner, recognize that you are a doggy ambassador wherever you go. As a result, you need to be “present” and act accordingly. Bring bags to scoop the poop and deal with your dog’s inappropriate behavior. Besides, the older you get, being a space cadet with a four-legged sidekick is not cute.

4. The Doggy Mom/Dad Manager

This male or female dog owner has convinced themselves that they are interested in pursuing fame because their adorable dog is naturally a star, captivating everyone wherever he goes. Although they won’t admit they enjoy watching the Kardashians because they want to be successful as Kris Jenner has been with her brood. At first, they spend more time beautifying their dogs then themselves. But as their charges claim fame, they will too. Unfortunately, you can never get to know this dog-owning personality type because all they do is pitch their dogs and to encourage their pets to perform on the spot. Ugh! They will annoy you to death.

Advice: If you can identify with the pimp doggy mom/dad manager personality, I sincerely encourage you give the show business talk a rest. While you may be a proud doggy momma or poppa, don’t brag incessantly and/or encourage your pooch to perform LIVE all the time. When out and about, let your dog have some downtime; she needs it. (S)he doesn’t need to be a four-legged star all of the time. Spend some time focusing on other people and their dogs, I guarantee that if you do, dog owners will stop running away from your agent persona and learn to like you.

5. The Bitch

The Bitch is top dog. She is the alpha, the dominant and just intimidating to other dog owners. This person will protect her charge (generally a terrier or working breed) at any cost and will dog fight with you until you back down. In her mind, she believes that her dog can do no wrong. If her dog has a similar personality, she is proud that her baby demonstrates confidence and self-assurance. She is definitely the one you don’t want to cross in the dog park. They fear her.

Advice: If you recognize that you are the bitch type, stop being so angry, controlling and defensive all the time. Leave your bitchiness at home and come to the dog park with your dog so that he can have fun and play with others. And, please don’t encourage your dog like you-aggressive. When you speak to others, try something new for a change-be nice! Being nice is fun because you will find that other dog owners will enjoy speaking and hanging with you on the park bench.

6. The Stud

The Stud is a handsome guy who selected a male dog (Think Weimaraner, Viszla and French bulldog!) as good looking as he is. This dynamic duo has a smooth gait, a pleasing bark, a nice rear and is extremely well-mannered. They saunter thorough the dog parks, the streets and the outdoor festivals sucking up to lonely hearts of all ages and sizes. Be careful victims. He and his dog will toy with the heart of you and your four-legged friend.

Advice: No matter how attractive and debonair you and your dog are, playing with another dog owner’s emotions is a No-No! Don’t give lonely singletons the impression that you and your pooch are interested in a love match when you’re not. Try this: don’t feed your ego. For once, be an upstanding guy. You might learn to like it. Take your charm and put it to productive use. For example, consider therapy dog work-where you can actually help people by showing up and being kind. Then, you can be referred to good-looking and virtuous.

7. The Pointer

The Pointer is a dog-owning person who always draws attention to the faults. Generally, a women, she is concerned with whose dog went where and whose dog did what. They always have extra plastic bags and will cross the street to remind you to pick up your poop.

Advice: Are you and your dog perfect? Have you ever failed to pick up after your dog? Well, if the answers to these questions are yes, then you are a candidate to lighten up. It’s easy to find fault in people and at times, their dogs. Hell, I do it all the time, I just don’t say anything out loud about them or their dogs. Unfortunately, you carry this tendency to extremes. Don’t feel that you need to tell everyone about every little fault that they or their dogs have. You are not doing anybody any favors the flaws and problems they have with the dogs. Instead, understand that you could hurting people’s feeling because they consider their dogs their children. And, no one likes strangers or loved ones to criticize their children Think about it this way….others have had to put up with your annoying behavior so long; now, it is your turn to oblige and be tolerant of them and their dogs.

8. The Babbler

The Babbler is a person who talks about his or her dog too much. Generally, a purebred dog enthusiast who spews the virtue of her/his breed. These types never makes a great first impressions.

Advice: Stop talking and try listening. You’ll realize that you miss you a lot including your dog.

9. The Dam or Sire

The Dam or Sire is the well-respected person that you call for dog advice. They know a lot about dogs and enjoy helping you. The problem is that they enjoying helping you too much. While they dole out advice like a parent (obligingly and sincerely), they can also be overbearing.

Advice: You are very well-liked and respected, BUT. .. While various dog owners appreciate your helping them with their canine problems, please recognize that you can become a bit bossy and meddlesome. I am sure that they will contact you when they need advice. They don’t need you to provide them with unsolicited input about theirs dogs, the clothing that you deem inappropriate to wear at the dog park or if they should date the guy or gal with the Pitbull. Stick to giving voluntary advice to your doorman who always listens and takes your generous tip at Christmas.

10. In Heat

These gals or guys use their dogs as date bait and are always looking to hook up.

Advice:  While having a dog is a great way to meet new people, let’s face, you’re a user. You are leveraging the cuteness of your dog for physical gratification and avoidance of relationships. But the jokes on you! You are in a committed relationship for next 12-15 year. Caring for your dog can help you become a better person; it can lay the foundation for self-improvement and responsibility. Really, your bond with your pet represents the best friends with benefits relationship around.

11. Scent Hound

The scent hound is never satisfied until (s)he sniffs out all the details every situation. These people are obsessed with minutiae and will follow a trail until They finds what they’re looking for.

Advice: While you are generally well-liked, your relentless pursuit for information can be huge turn-off. Remember, not everyone is interested in the beaten path. At times, you need to just stay on road well-traveled and enjoy life.

What dog-owning personalities have I forgotten? Can you describe them and give them advice?