Walks in the Rain

Walking Dog in the RainThe dog’s need to walk does not stop just because there is rain. Sometimes you just gotta do it.

Some dogs need very regular, vigorous exercise every day, rain or shine.  High-energy breeds and working breeds especially need regular physical exertion. Failing to do that typically leads to dire consequences including annoying habits, nuisance behavior, and a destroyed house. Your choice to walk or stay in is pretty limited, you walk, wet or not.

Routine is Necessary

But not just high energy breeds need to get out. Some dogs, even little companion breeds, just want their daily foray outside of the house and in the world no matter what the weather. You can tell, it’s that dog that sits at the door and whines, even if it’s raining. If you have a dog that wants to take a walk even with rain coming down, take him or her for a walk. It’s fine. If you are concerned about your dog getting sick, know that dogs are pretty sturdy creatures. Stay out a reasonable amount of time and towel off your dog well when you come in.

Every Dog is Different

Some dogs don’t mind walking in the rain, some dogs don’t care one way or the other and some just do not like getting wet. If your dog does not like walking in the rain, don’t give up just yet. If you have a dog that needs to walk, give him or her a chance to get used to it. Some places just get more rain. Waiting for the perfect weather to walk could mean many, many days of no walks!

  • If your dog really needs to walk but is not loving the rain so much, try some canine rain gear and see if his or her attitude gradually changes. If you can see that your dog does not like wet feet (high, light steps especially in grass), dog rain boots can keep feet dry and warm. Remember that dogs sweat through their tongue and paw pads – if the weather is very warm, the dog’s foot can slide in the boot making it hard for him or her to walk. A dog rain coat will keep the wet of his or her back. Or try a pet umbrella – it attaches to the leash so the umbrella is covering the dog’s back and head.
  • Try to find areas to walk where some of the rain is blocked; such as streets where stores have awnings, tree-lined streets, and parking structures.
  • Give your dog some incentive. It’s highly likely you will have the dog park all to yourself. If you have a dog that likes to run but is not great off leash, take them there and let them loose.
  • Make coming home time easy for you. Get an absorbent mat and keep special towels at the door for wiping down a wet coat and muddy feet.
  • And if you are the one who doesn’t like walking in the rain, know that your dog will love you for taking him or her out anyway! Splurge on your own rain gear that will keep your dry and comfortable in the wet, and go walking!

So don’t write off your dog walk just because of some rain. Get your feet (and your dog’s feet) wet!