What Can I Give My Dog For Pain?


Many dog owners want to know what medications are safe to give their dog, and how they can help ease their dog’s pain if they get hurt.  And what about dosage?  What dosage of these medications do we give to our dogs, what is safe and what is not?  We are all very connected to our canine pals and instinctively feel the need to protect them when they are in pain.  Sometimes, though, just like with humans, pain is an important feeling for your dog to have.  It is a receptor that tells the dog which ways are okay to move, and which ways are not, this will keep them from making the injury worse, and can actually be very helpful.  In this article, we will explore the differences between human and dog medications, and what is safe and what is not to give your canine friend to ease their pain.  Before you even think about giving your dog pain medication, make sure you determine the source of the pain, so as not to give unnecessary or worse, inappropriate medications to your dog.  If you are unsure, it is always best to reference a vet before giving your dog any medication, no matter how mild you think it may be.

Pet In PainAspirin is the most common and safest painkiller vets prescribe to dogs.  Specifically, you should give your dog buffered aspirin.  Buffered aspirin has far less severe side effects than traditional non-buffered aspirin.  Buffered aspirin is different in that it contains an antacid (which can be calcium carbonate, aluminum hydroxide, or magnesium oxide).  The dosage for a dog is typically 5mg to 10mg per pound, every 12 hours.  Start at a lower dose, and adjust for your dog’s personal application.  Make sure you are giving the aspirin proper time to take effect, as it will typically take one to two hours after dosing your dog.  Side effects of aspirin can include an upset stomach and a reduced blood clotting ability (very important if your dog has a bleeding wound), and are very similar to side effects in humans.  If your dog has any form of liver or kidney disease you should give them aspirin, because aspirin is metabolized by the liver and then the kidneys, and it will damage both of them.  In case of an overdose, severe bleeding, hemorrhaging, coma, seizures, or even death are possible.

Also, make sure to never EVER give your dog anything that contains acetaminophen, unless specifically instructed to by your vet.  Products that contain acetaminophen have been known to outright kill dogs and cats, even in small doses.  Also to be wary of is ibuprofen or Advil products, as they will basically eat a hole through your dog’s stomach.  What can I give my dog for pain?  Baby aspirin would be best, but it is usually smartest to consult your vet first.  Dogs can withstand much more pain than humans, and it can help them to recover.  Stay safe!