Why Do Dogs Bark?


This question has to be one of the oldest questions about dogs ever asked.  They do it all the time, they do it for many reasons, and most of us just can’t stand it.  Especially when they go into a dog barking frenzy, which is of course always inconvenient like after 2am when you have to be at work the next day!  Dog barking has to seriously be one of the most complained about things of all time, especially from non-dog owners!  So why do our dogs bark?  What makes them do it?  For what reasons do they do it?  Well read on friends, in this article we will explore the mysterious (and annoying) subject of, dog barks!
Why Do Dogs Bark?It is actually somewhat ironic that humans these days detest dog barking so much, as it is probably one of the primary reasons we ever met and worked so well together in the first place.  A long long time ago, in a history far far away, dogs would come hang out in human encampments because we were such huge slobs.  Before the invention of the dump truck, we didn’t really make a very good effort to dispose of our trash, especially our leftover meals and food.  As you and I both know, what we consider trash and what dogs consider trash are two entirely separate things.  If you ever leave a garbage bag out with some cooked chicken in it, you can most certainly see this in action from your own dog (But really, don’t try it, dogs are still slobs!).  So back to the story, we were huge slobs, and dogs basically ended up being the trash men.  It was a very symbiotic relationship, as the dogs would eat our leftovers, keeping the levels of vermin down, and thus the general disease levels of the place they were patrolling.  Pretty soon, we noticed that dogs are territorial creatures, and will alert when an unknown enters their area.  To this day, there are few things as good at scouting as a good working dog, as both their noses and ears are capable of levels of observation we could only dream of as humans (and still cannot design with technology!).  Dogs are also naturally always vigilant, and very loyal, so hence the guard dog.  We learned that we could post dogs in encampments and towns at night, and they would work tirelessly to warn us of any impending danger or unknown that was approaching.  This soon became a well known fact, and we moved our dogs into our houses to help protect out families as well.  So yeah, that phrase “dogs are a man’s best friend”?  It really is true, and they have been looking out for us since the very beginnings of our relationship.  So although that dog bark may be annoying, especially if they really go off on a barking fest, now you know why dogs bark and how it has served us throughout our history.