Why Do Dogs Bite?

Dog biting can be a scary and dangerous thing, for both the dog and the human.  Why do dogs bite?  Well, there are some simple reasons and some complex reasons.  It is important to understand this behavior as a dog owner so you can keep yourself and your pet safe, not only do dog bites hurt a whole lot, a dog who bites someone is going to get in a whole lot of trouble.  In many places, if your dog bites a stranger, they will be put down and you will be fined.   So much better to understand and prevent this behavior, rather than risk it getting out of control and causing serious problems for both you and your dog.

Why Do Dogs Bite?Dogs display aggression through growls, baring their teeth, snapping and snarls, and finally, they will bite.  These are the primary forms of communication for dogs who feel aggressive for any number of humans, and unfortunately, they do not work well in today’s human society.  Dogs can feel aggressive for a number of reasons, the most common being fear and anxiety.  A dog, like a human, can get scared around unfamiliar situations, places, or people and they will become defensive and aggressive if they feel threatened.  Another common reason can be territory, many dog breeds have been bred as guard dogs, they will instinctively guard their home and anything (or one) they feel is valuable, from anything they perceive as a threat.  This is most commonly displayed around other dogs, although it can also extend to humans, especially if they have been trained to do so.  Every dog is individual in their behaviors, so it is very important to determine aggression  through monitoring behavior and body language and to know your dog enough to be able to predict.  If your dog displays consistent  aggressive behavior, you should seek out a specialized trainer before they get themselves and you in trouble.