Why Do Dogs Dig Holes?

If your dog loves to dig holes, your yard might end up looking like a big piece of swiss cheese.  Usually, this will be a huge problem for most dog owners, as having a yard full of holes isn’t exactly in most of our plans for our property.  Digging is a very instinctual trait in dogs and goes way back to their days as wild animals.  Basically, digging is an instinct to find food, hide food, or make a safe place.  If you can figure out why your dog is digging a hole, you are half way to saving your yard from looking like the moon!

Dog Digging HoleOne of the most common reasons dogs dig is for fun. They also do it for attention.  Digging is actually a great way for them to release excess energy that they need to get out of their system.  If your dog has too much energy and needs more exercise, chances are they are going to start digging for a fun way to release the energy.  If your dog is doing this, you should take them out to get more exercise.  A tired dog is a well-behaved dog!  If your dog is outside on a hot and sunny or a rainy and windy day they may dig a den for protection from the elements.  Digging up some ground can lead to cooler, more moist soil, or get them out of the wind.  Giving them a dog house, a den of their own, will prevent this kind of digging.  Some dogs will also dig to escape a yard if they are fenced in if they see something exciting that they want to get to.  Placing some rocks and covering up their holes will give them a hint that digging isn’t going to work.  If your dog seems to enjoy digging for the sake of digging, it can be helpful to give them a designated place to dig, like a kids sand box.  Put your dog’s toys in the box and encourage them to dig in it, they will love you for it and have no reason to dig up your flower beds! Read this post for more ways to stop your dog from digging!