Why Do Dogs Shake Their Heads?

It looks silly, and they certainly aren’t headbanging to music, so what reason do they have to go around shaking their heads all day long?  Dogs actually have many reasons they may be shaking their head, from no big deal to very, very serious.  Read on for a couple details on what this behavior could mean in your dog.

Dogs ShakingOne of the most common reasons for dog head shaking may be a minor itch or irritation on their skin.  Some dogs also “shake off” stress or anxiety, and it can make them feel better in a stressful situation.  Usually, a dog shaking is no big deal, they are just really groovy animals with a whole lot of energy!  If your dog starts shaking recurringly and persistently, though, they may have a much larger problem, especially if it is just one part of their body they keep shaking.  If they will not stop shaking their head, they could have a serious problem.  If you notice your dog doing this, first check their ears for redness, irritation, or worms.  If your dog does have worms or parasites, the sooner you discover and treat it, the more rapid the treatment will be.  If you can see evidence of an infection or any swelling, it is important to take your dog to the vet immediately, as this can cause major health problems for your dog.  If your dog displays a lack of balance, it may be a vestibular or inner ear infection, which is not always visible to the eye.  If you notice any of these things, it is very important to get your pet to the vet for their safety.  Ear problems, like infections, parasites, or worms, can be life threatening to your dog if  they are not taken care of quickly.