Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?


I am sure any dog owner has at least seen this once, it is an extremely common trait for all breeds and ages of dogs.  It is a question I have asked myself many times when I have seen my puppy grazing the fields as if she was a cow or something.  Although it may seem to make no sense to us, consider that many, many animals also eat grass.  Why?  One simple reason, it helps their digestive system.  Dogs, like many other animals, have a history as scavengers.  Before food bowls and domestication, dogs had a much harder time finding food and have thus evolved with a very robust digestive system that is capable of breaking down many different types of food.  Grass contains many nutrients that are desirable to a dogs diet, and being creatures of nature, they know how and when to supplement it.  If your dog starts eating grass, do not be worried, it is perfectly natural and not harmful at all to them.  In actuality, the grass could be full of nutrients that the dog is craving, and can be very healthy for them to eat.

Why do dogs eat grass?A dog may also eat grass because of indigestion, or a gassy and bloated stomach.  A dog will self-treat an upset stomach by gulping large clumps of grass, which will tickle the stomach lining, causing the dog to puke.  Why do dogs eat grass to do this?  The grass provides a lining and breaks up whatever is causing the indigestion, which will help them digest whatever is left over after they puke.  This is a perfectly natural reaction for a dog, although I am sure you are as baffled as I am as to why (Although truthfully, we as humans do much weirder stuff!).

So if you see your dog hanging out, eating some grass, don’t be worried.  At worst they have an upset stomach, more likely, though, they are enjoying a nice snack.  The only time to start to fret would be if your dog is constantly eating grass to puke, if they are doing this you should take them to the vet because they are probably trying to treat a larger digestion issue.  If you really do not want them to eat grass, try to give your dog some leafy herbs or greens. The leafy greens will very likely provide the nutrients they are looking for in eating the grass.  This is a perfectly natural response to a dog’s evolutionary development, and will not be harmful to them at all short or long term.  It has even been shown to run in the family, as a 2009 dog study in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior found dogs to be more likely to eat grass if their mother did during the nursing stage.  So hopefully, we have answered your question of why do dogs eat grass, and helped calm any fears you may have had about your puppy pal!