Why Do Dogs Eat Rocks?

Dogs Chew on RocksIt is actually a very complicated medical subject.  When dogs eat things that are not edible, like wood or rocks, it is a disorder called Pica.  Pica usually happens in younger dogs and puppies, and usually, it is caused by boredom or lack of activity.  It can also be a sign that your dog is lacking some kind of essential nutrients or a form of obsessive compulsive behavior.  Pica can show up in any dog breed at any age. It is more common in puppies, but not in any specific breeds. If your dog starts eating non-food items obsessively and consistently, it can put them in great danger.

The most common way Pica shows itself is dogs eating rocks.  When Pica shows itself in puppies, the most common cause is boredom.  In young dogs, it can also come along with part of mouthing, they maybe instinctively be tearing up your couch and just decide it is a good idea to see how it tastes as well.  Puppies love to chew their environment, and most of us will have to go through this stage as dog owners if we adopt a puppy.  With a little bit of training and discouragement, they will get it .  Some dogs can become compulsive about eating non-food objects as they get older, though, and this can become very dangerous for them if it is unchecked.  Dogs may single out one thing (like rocks or bags or clothes)  or they might go after a whole range of things. Pica can be a very dangerous disorder for your dog to have, as they can easily try to swallow the wrong thing and start choking, or not be able to digest it.   If your dog keeps eating non-food items compulsively, especially if they are an older dog, you should take them to a vet and seek advice.  The vet may be able to determine the cause and provide a treatment.