Why Do Dogs Hate Cats?

Dogs and cats.  Or cats and dogs, depending on who you ask.  There has always been competition between dog owners and cat owners, and their pets.  Cartoons and graphic books have historically depicted  cats and dogs as basically mortal enemies for many, many years now.  Most of us have also probably come across a dog chasing a cat at least once, and the logical explanation is that dogs just simply don’t like cats and vice versa.  So why do dogs hate cats?

Cats and DogsWell, truth be told, dogs don’t actually hate cats.  Many dogs that live with cats will become good friends with them although some will not be so sociable.  The main thought as to why dogs and cats do not get along is simply due to their vast social differences.  Dogs are playful, socially extroverted, and love to mingle and hang out with other animals or humans.  On the other hand, cats tend to not be very social, and only want attention when they ask for it.  So if you have a hyper dog, and a shy cat, that will probably be the source of their (rather loud) disagreements.  Dog: “Hey want to play!?”  Cat: “Go Away”  Dog: “Hey let’s play!”  Cat: “GO AWAY!” Dog: “Play play play!” Cat: “GOOOOOO AWAAAAYYYYYY”.  Another common reason for contention between dogs and cats is a dogs herding or chasing instinct.  Many larger dogs will see the smaller cat as an animal to be herded, to be chased.  Of course, cats do not like this at all, and their natural instinct is to run.  Of course, this is going to kick the dogs chasing instinct into overdrive, and thus, we have our dog and cat running around the room like it’s a NASCAR course.  Adding to this is the totally different body language between dogs and cats, they can’t really communicate to each other very well because their signals are totally different.  This is not to say that dogs and cats cannot or will never live together peacefully.  Many dogs can be naturally good with cats, and vice versa.  Dogs and cats that live together will usually become acclimated to each other, and even friends!