Why Do Dogs Howl At Sirens?


Howling is the primary means of communication for a dog, they use it to communicate with us, other dogs, and other animals.  Dogs can howl or bark out of pain, to communicate a need or want, or just to say hi; and sometimes they will howl when they are provoked by a sound.  So read on as we explain why do dogs howl at sirens.

Why Do Dogs Howl at Sirens?While speeding to a fire, or racing to a medical emergency, or in route to a robbery; emergency vehicles use sirens to notify drivers and pedestrians to get out of the way.  From a distance, it sounds a lot like a dog’s howl.  Dogs can even imitate the same noises!  Curious, Fido may answer what he perceives as another dog saying hello by howling back to the “dog” that’s actually a siren, according to “Dogs: The Ultimate Care Guide: Good Health, Loving Care, Maximum Longevity.” Howling is generally a long-distance form of canine communication, so it makes sense that Fido would believe that another dog, from a significant distance away, is calling to him.  So of course, the polite thing to do is to answer in kind!  This will lead to many dogs trying to imitate the pitch or rhythm of a siren, which can be hilarious.  Just watch out, because they may bolt and try to follow the noise (especially breeds that chase noise or motion instinctively).  You can easily train your dog not to howl or bark at sirens, just train your dog how to stop barking on command.  So why do dogs howl at sirens?  Well, they think they are a buddy!  You say hello back when other people greet you, right?  Well, really, that is all your canine friend is doing.  Howling back at a friend.  So when a dog howls at a siren, they actually think they are answering a call from a fellow dog, as they don’t really get the concept of fire engines or police cars.