Why Do Dogs Hump?


Have you ever seen a dog hump something?  If not, I am sure you have at least heard of it. Dogs will hump the oddest things at the most inappropriate times.  They don’t really care if it is morning or night, human or old dirty t-shirt, they will rub themselves up on just about anything, anytime.  So why do dogs hump?  Well, it comes back to one of the most basic instincts of all time in any animal, reproduction.

Why Do Dogs Hump Things?It’s actually pretty simple.  Dogs hump because they are horny.  Males that are not neutered will often masturbate if prevented from approaching a female in heat. Often, during mating rituals, females in heat mount and hump their male “suitors.” Female dogs also commonly mount and hump other females when one or both are in heat.  Puppies will often mount their litter mates, and hump them.  Or other people, toys, or random objects.  Some researchers believe this is practice for future sex encounters.  The closer they get to sexual maturity, the more they will mount other dogs in a sexual manner.  Even if they are neutered or spayed, dogs will continue to masturbate and mount other dogs because the behavior feels good.

Mounting and thrusting, things we consider sexual behaviors, are actually a part of normal play behaviors for a dog. Unlike humans, dogs will not usually become erect or ejaculate when playing.  Although some dogs who are not properly socialized or under socialized will excessively mount other dogs because they do not know how to play and get over aroused during play time.  Mounting can also be a form of social control and dominance, especially when it is other animals.  Dogs licking themselves is also a very natural behavior, and if it does not bother you, it is not necessary to stop them, it will not hurt them.  If it is making you uncomfortable, get their attention and give them something else to do, preferably as soon as they start doing it.  So hopefully now you understand more about why do dogs hump things, and can thus deal with the behavior better.